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    • By east3rn
      I am about to work on a Omega ladies automatic watch.
      I found out that the axis of the rotor is out of place and shakes up and down.
      What could be done in this situation?

    • By arkobugg
      Cheers mates!!
      Had to get new winding stem to an Omega cal. 342 , beacuse not original crown.
      Got an replacement from Ronda, but does not fit.
      Tried to fit the stem yesterday, but Im not able to get in in right in the movment.   The original just go right in every time, but the new Ronda stem will not go properly in.   Are there anyone that have some ide why this not fit?   Can the notch in the stem where I have put red arrow have somthing todo with this??   Its slightly smaller on the Ronda stem...  se photo  

    • By arkobugg
      Cheers Mates!
      Working on a Omega Cal. 613, have done service, and watch performs well on the time-grapher, but when put dial and hand on, I can see that the
    • By Harmines
      Hello all
      i wonder if anyone could offer some advice. I have an Omega seamaster 1345 quartz day date. Working well. However it seems the date is stuck (as shown in pictures) i know the push button at the 4 o clock position is meant to filter through the date? However when pushed in nothing seems to happen. As a result of this the watch works fine but only up untill 11pm it doesnt turn over to midnight and therefor change the day or date. Minute hand works perfectly but it seems i have to change the hour position every morning.
      when i turn the crown, hour hand moves fune and after the 12 o clock position changes the day, but date does not moth along with it.
      anyone know how i can resolve this safely without removing too many parts of the movement? 
      Many thanks

    • By Harmines
      Good evening everyone. I am new to this forum and i can see we have some outstanding experts on the site.
      brand new to watch repair and looking to get some advice. I purchased an Omega seamaster quarts 1342 watch (not currently working and not tested) as it was a bargain and understand that 329 is the equivalent of the original mercury battery used when the watch was manufactured?
      I am hoping the battery change will mean it is functional but in the event it does not work, how easy/costly is it to repair. (I’ve heard parts can turn this bargain into a money pit)
      would anyone in this community willing to have a go at fixing it after i try battery change?
      paid service of course.
      any help advice would be much appreciated
      thank you 
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    • I'm looking for tips on how to get a really sharp point on pegwood etc. I've tried a pencil sharpener, which just puts a long, thin tip on the wood, without bringing it to a point. I've also tried a scalpel, but I don't like the facets and edges leading up to the point. I want it nice and round if possible. I know it's possible. I even saw a perfect example in a post I read recently (poss. from Nickelsilver). So what do others do? Use a file, or abrasive paper? I tried this too, but I still never got a point sharp enough to clean jewel holes for example.
    • That's good shout. I suspect they may have had multiple sources for the balance, and thus the shim was fitted in some cases, to allow them to compensate for the 0.1mm or so difference between shaft lengths. The shim can be source of problems though as it can act as a pivot point if it is not fitted in entirely the right spot, and this could introduce errors in the balance alignment, and it does introduce the possibility of either forgetting to re-fit it, and screwing the balance down hard on to the jewels, thus damaging the pivot(s) and/or the jewel(s), or fitting it when not needed if a different "compatible" replacement balance is fitted which has a shorter shaft, and then getting in to head scratching mode when the thing rattles around like a pea in a biscuit barrel.
    • Thanks for the answers. A more detailed description first: I reassembled, oiled the pallets with 941 and let the watch run for 48 hours dial up.  Then I did the poising and after a full wind the first measurement on the timegrapher with result +2/0/+2. Then I wore the watch (normal day in the company) for 24 h. Then after a full wind second measurement with result +9/+7/+9.   So maybe the mistake was to let the watch run static in dial up position instead of "shaking" it while wearing? Or the period of 48 hours was too short? Right now the watch is on my wrist and I am observing the "real" gain compared to the atomic clock. 
    • Or is it simply they use the balance cock on more than one caliber and the shim lets them do this?
    • Clockboy furnished  the link to a HS producer in England. 
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