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Oil collection technique


Hi Fellow People,

Im reaching out as I’m currently learning all I can about watchmaking, and am working through the BHI distance learning technicians course, with my exam booked for May. 

I will need to service a quartz watch as part of my practical exam, and am learning about watch lubrication. 

A few months ago I found a great article that covered the technique for dipping and collecting the right amount of oil on the oiler, such as the speed and angle of the dip, however, I now can’t find it anywhere, no matter how much I search the internet 

Does anyone have or can point me in the right direction of instructions specifically on oil collection on the oiler?  As you will know there is lots on the actual oiling process but not the oil collection process.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  




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    • By Graziano
      Well here goes. At my work wrist watches are forbidden so I dug up a vintage no name pin pallet pocket watch out of my collection,so if I damage it all OK. I stripped the movement out of the case cleaned it in the ultrasonic wholus bolus. Put it back together. And experimented with oiling all pivots and pin pallet with only mobius 9415. D5 on the mainspring and 9415 on time setting mechanism. Well 3 years later it is still running perfect. Here is some photos. Tomorrow I will relume the hands with Superluminova. Mmmmmmm. I never set the time and have kept it wound seven days a week for 3 years as an experiment. Once I am home back on goes a wristwatch. Has anyone else done a lube experiment. I must admit this old German movement is like a tractor. 

    • By Flubber
      I was thinking about using Fixodrop but  have a hard time figuring out what parts to use it on. The fewer the better considering the abhorrent price for it. What I got so far.
      * Pallet jewels
      * Escape wheel
      * Reversing wheel on automatic
      * Balance End stones
      What is your opinion on this ? Should the end stones be treated, and if so, does that include the chaton ? 
    • By EatPeach
      I've been using  Moebius 9415 to oil the pallet stone. I usually oils the exit pallet impulse face with the amount like you drop a little bubble on it.
      I really don't know how much amount I should applied and is there any sign to tell whether I'm overoil or underoil.
      I have one strange case though, the movement right after assembly has 260~270 amplitude but drop to 230 after 10 minus or so. Is this relevent to the pallet stone oiling?
    • By Graziano
      Good evening all , just wondering do any of you guys or gals like to use capillary fountain oilers . I have been using them combined with dip oilers for a while and I must say I enjoy using the capillary oilers some times over the dip oilers . Am I old fashioned or what ? 
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    • Always nice if you give us a background story? Did you purchase the watch new with the instructions coming with that watch? Then I have a link where it explains what a Seiko five Is. Notice it does not define a specific caliber so conceivably the setting instructions may be different. On some of the Seiko is pushing in the crown should advance the day date but others you may pull it out to the position in between the setting and in and it should change the day date the same as basically any other watch. Then it would be helpful to give us the model number of the movement you'll find that number on the back of the case   https://www.seikowatches.com/global-en/products/5sports/about  
    • Hello everyone,  got a question. I just purchased a Seiko 5, and trying to set day and time. I've followed the instructions,  but I can't push in on crown to quick change the date and day. Or all Seiko 5 push to set? 
    • I had ordered a Omega 960 (based on 6497) and when I got it, the hour wheel is there but they don't have dial screws. I had to source some Omega screws for a lot of dough 😞 I contacted the seller but he said he doesn't know at all and just sell NOS movements.   Luckily, many parts can be found using 6497 as keyword and they are interchargeable.
    • I was thinking of drilling it but wanted to get this job done. Next time perhaps. I also put a video on YouTube , reassembling the Ball Waltham made watch and putting in the setting screws. Big success with the jewel setting and the resulting amplitude and beat error of the movement. Next job is soldering dial feet:) 
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