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    • This is amazing, upon closer inspection / disassembled the back. The watch advertisement says 6R15 internal movement. The movement is stamped 4R35B and it does not hack as a 4R35B. I guess it was a cheap knock-off. There ya go, be careful of liquidation sales.   -Nick
    • oils do change viscosity according to temperature..perhaps it has been over oiled?thin and runny at body temperature a little thicker at room temperature? Causing a drag.
    • There are scads of old movements out there.back in the day they melted the cases down..you could put them in a stainless steel case.for wear on your wrist.as stated by milosbn
    • I wanted to see who has purchased Seiko's 6R15 and what their experience has been. I bought a Seiko watch, one of several I have with a 6R15. I have all but given up on Seiko mechanical watches. The 6R15 like the 7S26 or 809....just garbage. I am not a brand person mind you, I could care less. If I was I would have spent $5k on name brand but choose not to because I know what goes into these watches. I am the same way with electronics ( I am an EE). It looked pretty, but couldn't help but notice how light it was, felt cheap. When I put it on my Watch Tester, it was horrible. +19sec dial up, -9 stem down, ...etc. The error was > 0.8 ms. The lowest was 0.6 in a position I would have to break my arm to get to. I have not seen this in any of Miyota movements. Even the horribly cheap ones, tune up beautifully. I just don't seem to have luck with Seiko. Maybe I am being too critical for what these are. The automatic movement weight is stiff, you have to really spin the case to get it moving. No crunching sounds and I can see if working through the 2nd bottom crystal. I am going to see if breaking it in helps, I doubt it, since it didn't help the 7s26 nor the 809. The ETA 2824-2 was reasonable out of the box. Tuning it was a breeze. Anyone work on 6R15's? what's the deal?   -Nick
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