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Just joined this great forum!

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hello all, Angelo here in boston...unwillingly got some "time" on my hands, and recently came across this amazing forum and have been lurking for a bit

longtime electronics builder/repair mostly old tube stuff guitar amps/hifi stereos etc...always have had a love for watches but only recently have started working on them, but my great grandfather was a clock-maker in Italy, and grandfather a toolmaker, and my father mechanic/housebuilder so there's not much I won't try fixing myself!

Been away from forums for awhile but this one feels real good!

thanks for havin me!

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    • Ok, so in your opinion the downside which I overlooked is excessive weight (for watchmaking, at least) and loss of close tactile feel present in a in mini driver. Makes sense.
    • Welcome Fitz you are reaching the point of no return.
    • Hi  Check the gong hammer assembly is free,  lift each individual hammer and check that it drops smartly not in slow motion,  It they are sticky dfismantle and free off.    Remove the floating balance unit and clean in Alchohol or the like,  There is a good explanation on the floating balance on the net by Howard Millar.   I will have a look in the Hermle Manual regarding your mode.  l do like Hermle clocks very well made.  Then Proceed as explained by Old Hippy,  sound advise as always.
    • Hoping for a sunny day
    • So, finally, the trigger has been pulled! After many considerations, I decided to order a brand new Bergeon 5500. You can see it here. Shipping included I paid £128/€144/$162. Not a bargain, but reasonable, I guess. I saw some definitive advantages: * Well tested professional tool. Meaning there's a good chance it will work and work well. * I can shop individual Bergeon dies for various needs as I go (silly expensive, as always), or shop a good quality Aliexpress set. * Shipping within Europe so it should be here within a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months (China). * Seller has 99.9% positive feedback ("Top-rated seller/eBay Money Back Guarantee). I'll let you know what I think when I've tried it! Finally, a big thank you to all of you sharing your experience, knowledge, and opinions in this thread! This is what makes WRT such a great place to be.
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