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I am interested in clocks more than watches, I came across this site when searching the web for information about Black Slate/Marble repairs. I am employed as a clock repair man in Australia. I have a background in Antique Repair (furniture) in Scotland. Anyway this is just an intro, I hope to be of help with any clock issues members may have.



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Welcome Jimmy, I started repairing clocks and then moved onto watches. There seems to be a shortage of those who repair/service clocks in the UK .They keep arriving on my doorstep on a regular basis. Plenty of knowledgable members here and please share your own horological experiences both good and bad. Enjoy the forum. 

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    • By Indio
      this is Giulio from Italy.
      i was really shocked when i watched the “build your own watch” video.
      so i am here:)
    • By Johnna
      Hi all
      My name is John, I am from Pretoria South Africa and work for the South African National Defence Force. I love watches of all kinds, from fine to cheapies. The wonder of the engineering that goes into a timepiece facinates me! Look forward to learning allot here.
    • By patcook
      dear all , 
      Good day to all , I just joined yesterday to your post , a french chef expat living for the past 25 years in Indonesia . As far as I can remember I was always fascinated by watches or time pieces as some people like to call it . As probably many of you the souvenir of my first watch when I was 12 still feel like a dear memory . Unfortunately I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to mechanics and details . For many years I had numerous watches not really worth mentioning  here , however lately I sold 9 of my collection to acquire a beautiful  Parmigiani Fleurier XL Hebdomadaire , black dial ,steel case . 
      anyhow I am looking forward as much as my work will allows me.
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    • It shouldn't need much pressure at all to fit it. If its not going down there must be a reason why. Has the tube on the hand been damaged or crimped from when you removed it? Can you fit it with the minute hand removed?
    • Hi All I'm a beginner.  I've finally competed my Seiko 6119A in a Seiko 5.  I now notice that the second hand tube is quite long.  It's not sliding down the shaft with moderate pressure.  How had should I push?  Is there a trick to this? Thank you    
    • Hello guys, I have some problem with my seiko 7015 speedtimer that i bought 2 days ago.. This seiko runs smoothly when chronograph off And when the chronograph is active,the watch runs for awhile and then stop.. Whats wrong with it and maybe you guys can help me with some solution please!! thanks
    • Hi Len thank you for the detailed reply. I tried a 329 today and unfortunately did not work. As you explained before it looks like the rotor is ocillating back and forth (the second hand moves forward and backwards).  Its heartbreaking to see as i was hoping to fix it and give back to my grandfather. is there anyway i can source the part or an alternative movement (does not have to be Omega) that will fit the dial and casing?Although not ideal as takes away from the integrity and beauty of the watch but would love to able to get it working one way or the other so my grandfather can wear it on the wrist again. any help would be much appreciated  regards   57253616986__A7C2CEC7-1ACC-483F-933C-D73C742B77C7.MOV
    • For what its worth, the watch would originally have looked more like this.