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Landeron Hahn 15.5 ligne completed

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With the indispensable help from my buddy J Trenalone on the West coast, this ~80 year old monopusher chronograph is back in working order.  There were a multitude of issues getting this working. The balance staff, escape wheel and mainspring all gave their share of headaches. Slide1.jpg.53d810b4c644d5b150e026a2240c1335.jpgSlide2.jpg.4818e166cb0d3e405da57239eea54951.jpg

I also have to mention that I bought TWO new mainsprings from Cousins that broke one after another when tested. The mainsprings are listed as GR5032 and are supposed to be correct for the Landeron cal 2, the cost 11.80 each and after shipping  £22.64I think they were no good to begin with because of age.  I finally had to buy one from Borel using the measurements form the original, which had set and needed to be changed. Finally it has come together. I you try to find these, you'll quickly discover they are difficult to come by. Its someone else's watch, and I appreciate the opportunity to work on this type of early column wheel chronograph20190204_102613.thumb.jpg.3abbc1ffa121c05252964c1d81193fdc.jpgSlide2.jpg.cfe5c16d17866ce541e08523dc3b3bc8.jpg



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