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Hi All, as suggested i'm introducing myself. Ive never repaired a watch before but have an old pocket watch that doesn't work so am building the required tools before I start. Best wishes Mark.

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    • Hello, I am working on an AS 1320 (Bulova 10BRC, 9AS) automatic movement and have found it to be missing a part for which I cannot find a name. I have looked at the 10 BRC automatic assembly parts list and the parts list for the movement itself and still cannot locate it. Here is a photo with the missing part outlined in red. It is a spring-like device that prevents the automatic assembly's third winding wheel from engaging the ratchet wheel when the mainspring is fully wound. If anyone could tell me the name of this part so I could order a few replacement parts, I'd really appreciate it!  
    • Indeed, and that's what I'm waiting for. I have a K&D 128 winder, but I've come to dislike it a lot. When I use it it is a 50/50 chance I succeed or mangle the spring. Perhaps it is me, but I'm thinking that as I could learn how to handle cap jewel springs quite well (even diafix springs) why shouldn't I be better with my K&D 128 winder. The Bergeon winders are just insanely expensive. I've been considering the Bergeon 5355 and complement with larger winders, but it is still fortune and I can buy "a bag" of new mainsprings for the same money.
    • All - here's an update on the LeCoultre tank. Again, many thanks to John D and Klassiker! I ordered the SternKreuz "Standard" R 210 x 160 (Cousins # RE210160). What I didn't realize was that the "extra" file-to-fit edges are beyond the measurements listed. So, there was a bit more fitting to do that I thought. None the less, it worked very well (in my opinion). Of course, a slightly different look than the original (which was flat on top) - but looks appropriate to the style and age of the watch. Not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with the crystal. Now I just need to get it redialed. It appears to have be refinished in the past - and apparently with inferior materials. As you can see how bad this dial looks now (can best be seen in the pics posted above). I want Dial Craft (Ontario Canada) to do the work - but they are shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic and apparently not opening anytime soon. I will probably still wait for them unless I can find someone open for business that I trust. Does anyone here have any recommendation for dial refinishing? I believe that International Dial Company was well thought of years ago - but seems like they have been on pretty sketchy ground for the last several years - and the examples that they show on their web site look pretty bad to me. Presumably the ones pictured are their better/best work. So, I don't think I would send them anything in the near future (if ever).  -Paul
    • Minor update, although probably the first of any real value; Once the pallet was removed I noticed that when wound, the gear train would operate (see video), although it felt and sounded quite laboured. My first thought was that the pallet was not seated correctly, therefore obstructing the escape wheel from turning, however, I removed the pallet and re-seated it, and the behaviour is the same - a complete halt of the gear train. Even more confusing, when rocking the pallet back and fourth with tweezers it does indeed rotate the escape wheel so I'm a bit confused?  
    • Thanks so much.
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