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My name is Sam and I'm from the UK. I discovered that I had an interest in watch repair quite by mistake really when I found my old Seiko whilst sorting through some boxes which had been collecting dust in the loft for the best part of 20 years. It was only a cheap quartz model but it had sentimental value so I thought I'd replace the battery and see if it still worked. To my disappointment, the old cell had leaked and there was heavy corrosion to the terminals and what appeared to be a small amount of damage to the circuit board. I did my best with what tools I had available to clean it up, but despite installing a brand new cell, it failed to register any signs of life.

Out of curiosity I went into a local jewellers and enquired about the possibility and cost of a repair. The gentleman was kind enough to explain that the watch would require a new movement and the associated costs would be far in excess of the watches value. So I went home and decided to take it apart (a curiosity that has proved very unsuccessful, as I could seldom put anything back together again and would sometimes end up having to put the remains of electrical goods at the bottom of the bin and covering them with rubbish so my parents wouldn't find out ..lol). But discovering all those little cogs and screws really sparked my fascination.... and here I am (The Seiko is still in bits though).

I should clarify that this only happened a couple of months ago, so I'm really in the embryonic stages of discovering this wonderful hobby. As you can imagine, my experience & knowledge is extremely limited but to my surprise I did successfully manage to replace another ETA Quartz movement at the first time of asking - even the hands went on without any trouble. And it actually worked after ..lol.

I'm now on my second project (Another replacement ETA Quartz movement) but I've unfortunately encountered an immediate problem which far exceeds my understanding or ability to fault find. But I'm hoping I can learn from the expertise of forum members and gain the confidence & knowledge I need to move on to more complex projects.  


Thanks for reading my introduction.



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