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Disastrous watermarks on Rolex dial?


Hi everyone,

Quite some time ago (a good few years) I was wearing my Rolex datejust 1601 in London in heavy rain and high humidity (obviously a British summer). Anyway I noticed that quite a lot of condensation appeared in my watch. I know I know I should have taken it to an horologist straight away but alas. Anyway I pulled out the crown hoping it would allow the moisture to escape. This seems to have worked however the dial is now covered in watermarks which I can only assume are calcium deposits. 

I have seen a thread on the forums where someone removed a small watermark gently using purified distilled water. As you can see in the photo these marks cover the whole of the sunburst dial. Do you think this might be the best way? Or perhaps an incredibly gentle solvent? Naturally I want to be incredibly gentle, especially as I would have to go over the printed text and around the tritium.

I have opened the watch up and taken a very tiny look at the movement and all seems fine - runs accurate and no sign of rust or displaced oils however do you think it's best just to send it in for a service and hope the watchmaker can fix the dial? 

Hold me and tell me everything will be okay.


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I am affraid the moisture have already taken it's toll and all over the movement too.

I would have taken and do now, take the watch to service centers.  Moisture ruins lubricants. 

In general, as soon as the moisture appears, the dial should be dealt with. Placing the watch under direct sun light or expose to other very mild heat, also taking the movement out to submerge in lighter fluid and blow dry helps reduce the damage, before you urgently get the watch to service man.

There are some treatment to somewhat clean the dial. Depending on the value of the watch,  the job should be entrusted solely to professionals. Do not attepmt yourself.

Regards joe




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The original problem will be because the crown seals need replacing. The fact that moisture has entered the watch it should really now be serviced before rust becomes an issue. The dial could be a problem, if it is calcium then distilled water and a cotton bud might work but only try in a small area first.

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Where are you based ?
UK ? EU ? Elsewhere ?
There's a great guy in France, atelier-horloger.fr (not a friend or relative), that could take care of that beauty.
No idea how much it could cost but you can ask him a quotation.

Envoyé de mon Moto G (5) Plus en utilisant Tapatalk

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