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    • By RyMoeller
      I recently acquired an Omega Speedmaster automatic from the 1970's that has the Omega 1045 / Lemania 5100 movement inside.  Long story short- the previous owner tried to service it and made a mess instead.  I've managed to source all the parts I think I need except one for the automatic works- the Stop Spring (part no. 1414).  This looks like a part I may be able to fabricate but if the original is available I would prefer that.  Unfortunately I've come up empty with my usual suppliers.   Cousins is the one one who may have it, but it's Restricted which I suppose means you need to be an Omega authorized technician (which I naturally am not) to purchase.

      If anyone has a lead to follow I would be most grateful for your assistance.  This piece is a proper mess right now but I think I'm close to bringing it back from the dead.

    • By Oyster
      Hello again gents, I have a question about Valjoux 72 hairspring , what Is the identical part to fit this cal? I only need the hairspring due to I slip during regulating the beat and it can't be properly restore.
    • By mk416
      Hi everyone, 
      Thanks in advance for your patience- novice here!
      The chronograph function on this 7730 movement starts fine but doesn't stop reliably (If and when the operating lever does engage the stop, the reset works great, however). When I open up the movement case back, I see that operating lever (blue arrow on the annotated stock picture) has a bit of play and moves around, such that if I do engage the operating lever, i.e., begin the chronograph, and then gently push the reset button , the reset lever (red arrow in diagram)  'nudges' the operating lever back into the correct position, so that when pressed, it does stop the chronograph (move the cam). 
      I should also note that the tab/spring (where the green arrow points) is  a bit deformed on my movement and doesn't exactly touch the screw. Perhaps this is a contributing factor?
      I can't seem to figure out how to resolve this problem. Does anyone have any thoughts? 
      Many thanks,

    • By RyMoeller
      Here's a look at the finished product. The new luminous paint has been applied with a light tint to give it an aged appearance which compliments the dial. The hour and minute hands have been painted with the same batch to ensure a proper match. They'll be affixed to the movement once the paint has cured for several days.
    • By RyMoeller
      The old paint has been removed to review the markings underneath. The old luminous paint came away quite easily with a bit of pegwood.
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    • It shouldn't need much pressure at all to fit it. If its not going down there must be a reason why. Has the tube on the hand been damaged or crimped from when you removed it? Can you fit it with the minute hand removed?
    • Hi All I'm a beginner.  I've finally competed my Seiko 6119A in a Seiko 5.  I now notice that the second hand tube is quite long.  It's not sliding down the shaft with moderate pressure.  How had should I push?  Is there a trick to this? Thank you    
    • Hello guys, I have some problem with my seiko 7015 speedtimer that i bought 2 days ago.. This seiko runs smoothly when chronograph off And when the chronograph is active,the watch runs for awhile and then stop.. Whats wrong with it and maybe you guys can help me with some solution please!! thanks
    • Hi Len thank you for the detailed reply. I tried a 329 today and unfortunately did not work. As you explained before it looks like the rotor is ocillating back and forth (the second hand moves forward and backwards).  Its heartbreaking to see as i was hoping to fix it and give back to my grandfather. is there anyway i can source the part or an alternative movement (does not have to be Omega) that will fit the dial and casing?Although not ideal as takes away from the integrity and beauty of the watch but would love to able to get it working one way or the other so my grandfather can wear it on the wrist again. any help would be much appreciated  regards   57253616986__A7C2CEC7-1ACC-483F-933C-D73C742B77C7.MOV
    • For what its worth, the watch would originally have looked more like this.