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Star Lathe 61626, worth it?

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48 minutes ago, measuretwice said:

I've been to Neuchatel, such a beautiful part of the world.  One of my kids did a year of high school there.

Anyway, my question.  I gather Star lathes are still made, but boy, are they ever trying to keep it a secret!  Cousins list one package.  Tony's site says the manufacturer is " A. Gentil & Company of La Brevine, Switzerland".   I can't find anything with internet searches.  A bit academic as I don't have a Star now, but you'd think they'd make themselves known - how does one contact them for accessories, parts or a whole boxed lathe? 



Of course as usual for Swiss websites, very little info, no prices. I remember when Horia updated their site and put prices, it was amazing.

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