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Hi everybody, My name is Douglas. I'm a Luthier based in UK. I'm new to watch repairing so please be gentle with me. :-)

Thanks to Mark and his youtube videos I have been able to i've been able to regulate my own mechanical watch ( Seiko 6r15 in the SARB017 Alpinist ). When i received the watch it was losing about 3 minutes per week, approximately 30 seconds per day. So after about 5 attempts of moving the regulating arm, I've now managed to bring to watch where it is losing/gaining 2 seconds per day. I'm so pleased with the result. I don't have a timegrapher at the moment so i'm doing it old school. 

I currently have several watch projects on the go; 

A nice Rotary with the ETA 955.412 which needs a new glass and a new dial foot,

A nice old pocket watch made by 'Russels Ltd Liverpool', I know little about it as information is scarce on this company.

Another one is a Gerard Perragoux i think the movement is 482 or 55BE, both are stamped on the movement, a tiny old piece which needs a new mainspring. This is where i need help! I can't find the correct GR code. The dimensions are 1.5 .8 260 7.5 The nearest I can find is GR4077 but the one I need is the TR with the hole in it. Any help or advice would be most welcome!

Kindest regards



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    • Hi, I recently purchased a Seiko GMT Perpetual off eBay. The watch has a 8f56 Movement which is the high accuracy quartz movement.  The watch was purchased with a low battery (indicated by the second hand ticking every 5 seconds). I've since replaced the battery and reset the perpetual calendar, the watch was working for about 3 hours and then just stopped. I've since tried to reset the perpetual calendar again and it doesn't do anything just completely dead.  I recently went to a local watch repair shop and they said it would need a entirely new movement and would set me back £250 for it. It would however be done by Seiko not themselves.  Any help is much appreciated.
    • Yeah must have stolen  that bracelet  from his wife..it needs to go.
    • Picked up this Delbana 17 jewel Incabloc recently for next to nothing.    That's not a good sign...   Well, there's your problem...   A donor mainspring and a good bath and now it's keeping good time and awaiting a new crystal and bands. I may have to do some research here on restoring hands as the luminous paint is long gone from these and the second hand was originally bright red.
    • Ok...here is my blasphemy....the plate is buggered.. it  may or may not snap back. It may snap  off! It might  cause  more damage  and make the  watch inoperable  all together.  Option  one replace  the main plate ,this would be preferred..option  two..attempt  to straighten  bend..option three relive the plate of the damaged  area..take a file to it.very judiciously  file away the distorted  area. The balance  wheel  will turn and the watch  should  work. This of course  should  be your last ditch  option. The absolute  last resort.. but  in my opinion  if you really  want  to put that  watch back into service  ,it is something  you may want to consider. 
    • I Think Chopin summed it up perfectly its horses for courses.  Watch dials and clock dials  differ in so many ways If you are so inclined to clean one always try an inconspicious piece first to guage the reaction.  
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