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    • I have had a look where I usually get 381 parts and cannot find the 1512.  Thats a tricky one. Blake at ScotchWatch might be able to source you one - he has been very helpful for old Omega and Rolex for me. There are a few dudes on OmegaForums who have spare parts as well. Railmaster claimed he had some spares: https://omegaforums.net/members/railmaster1957.3019/ Have a look at my thread: https://omegaforums.net/threads/omega-2471-7-cosmic-moonphase-restoration-1947.92207/ What happened to your old one? is it buggered? I would set a saved search on ebay for " omega 381 1512" - thats how I found a NOS dial for my 381.  Mind you it cost $1200 US
    • Very eloquently said, lol. I feel EXACTLY the same way. IMO, the ugliest 70's Omega beats anything Rolex has to offer!
    • Beats the shit out of my 404 specials! Of all the "luxury" brands, Omega has a spot in my heart. Every ounce of "luxury" marketing turns me off hard, but for some inexplicable reason Omega gets a pass from that aversion.
    • I saw a 70s vintage US Steel Workers Union (I think that's what it was) watch the other day on eBay. The movement was Russian (Vostok, I think). I bid on it for that reason alone (and did not win).
    • When I buy/help buy cars for people, a lot of time they come to me thinking they want such and such a car, and just want validation. I would never buy a Prius, but if someone is dead set on it, the best case scenario is that I hurt their feelings telling them how the brakes are inconsistent and vague, the steering sucks, there's obviously no performance of any sort, and the same fuel economy can be had in myriad other, better cars. If they just want validation, the best I can do is validate them. If you're seeking validation, it's a solid workhorse movement in an attractive case from a storied brand. Like others posting, I also feel there's a lot of the price tied up in marketing. While there can certainly be value in that that some may find hard to validate, it is value. I forget the exactitudes of the economic theory, but there's value in having a coveted good. If the value proposition for money works out to you, then it's a great watch for you, and you should pull the trigger if it makes you happy to do so (while also not pissing off any significant others maybe?). What is it about the watch that you like exactly? Mayhap the same attributes exist in something without the brand premium. I've got a 2824-2 on my wrist right now in a case that I think is unique, has historic ties, from a (once) storied brand, and looks awesome with awesome functionality beyond what you typically find in a 2824-2 powered watch. I paid about a quarter the price of the Breitling new.
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