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Greetings from DFW

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Hi everyone, I’m a beginner learning about older movements.  Picked up my first project watch and have a couple practice movements (AS 1686).  Been reading and lurking for a bit on this site. I’m  looking forward to learning more about maintaining and putting older movements back to work. 


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    • Hi As mentioned by JohnR725, a little more4 information would be helpful and a picture of the watch movement and caliber.    https://www.windingstems.com/product.php      This site may be helpful once we have identified the watch.
    • For something like this I place the hand on hard rubber, like a hockey puck, and press down with a round bar, rolling as needed to get the shape. It goes pretty quickly.
    • Hello everyone! Finally received center second replacement. It is this lover hand on my picture below. Now I see that I have to shape it to meet the shape of original hand (the top one). I have couple of ideas how to do it and since I’ve never done this, think that it would be smart to ask community, what you guys do.  Reason why I need to do this is to avoid hand scratching crystal and to have better reading off chrono.  So I wonder if any of you have experience to share with this? Regards Jakub
    • Well I may have spoken too soon, that's a very large crown. This one looks good for your watch, except that it's 2mm smaller than your old crown, and doesn't have the outer flange so it will sit above that pedestal. If you can live with that, prob your best bet. 8 x Ø6.00mm x 2.00, SS C43456  £2.65 (CousinsUK)   I didn't see anything more suitable on Esslinger.   If I'm looking at that correctly, the indent on the long crown tube is where a 2nd o-ring (double o-ring) would fit. You can get o-rings that size, if you do manage to alum out the broken stem. Your old one does look a bit chewed up now, but possibly not to the point that you can use it as-is or correct the damage with some sanding and polishing. Since the stem was in there, you haven't crushed the internally-threaded tube. Alternate crowns might be available, the big diameters I saw were all tap 0.9mm, or much smaller diameter crowns, maxing out at 4.5mm. You can get stem extenders that change the tap size, it might open up a few more crowns options, but not really anything like your crown. If I'm reading the photos correctly, it's an unusual crown in that it has has a 5.6mm ID flange that sits over the 5.3OD pedestal, a bit like a screw down crown without threads. You probably won't find that outside of citizen.   You could try this parts search using the case number, I know there's a bunch of numbers on citizen casebacks so one of them might turn up something.  I tried your case number with no luck, and a similar number S009090 turned up "restricted by manufacturer" https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/citizen-case-parts The donor movement might be an option. Someone, somewhere,  has a broken one. You might try going with a less-suitable crown that fits on your new stem for now, and work on the old crown with alum. Or take the new stem and old crown to a shop with the skills that can sort it out. I'm not against shopping out a tricky job, might be a lot less than the new watch or Citizen part option. Good luck!    
    • That's really strange. Solder joints usually fail when they are subjected to movement, strain or thermocycling. This joint shouldn't have experienced any of that. Could you get a really high magnification photo of the joint?
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