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Newbie from Denver

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I've been a member here for a bit, but I'm just now getting around to posting an intro.

Getting into watch repair, restoration, service, and someday hopefully mods and new builds. I've always been mechanically inclined, and do some silversmithing and blacksmithing. Recently had a long dormant love of watches rekindled. I'm solidly in the "knows enough to be dangerous" stage of my learning. Hoping that being aware of that will prevent too many casualties! I've really appreciated the feedback I've gotten here so far, and hope my limited insights have been able to help others.

I'm really gaining an appreciation for unusual vintage pieces, and so I'm hoping I'm able to breath some new life into the ones I've found so far, and hope to continue finding.

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To help new members with little or no knowledge when members post questions, it is nice to have photos as well; this helps those with little knowledge to learn and to take part in answering.  I’m glad you are enjoying this friendly forum.

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