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Beginner: How do I get these off?

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(First post in months - moved mid Aug and it's still chaos here)

The new house was a fixer upper and the old guy was a a horder. We agreed to take it on with junk for a knock down price. Cleaning out the shed I found the skellington of a Napoleon Mantle clock. 20+ years in a damp shed and between the rot and the woodworm there wasn't much left and what was there disintegrated when I listed it. BUT there was a mechanism there - no face just the mech.

That was the best thing I found in there (in fact the only thing of note)

Never worked on a clock before but thought this would be a good intro. It appeared to have had a good oiling (read 3-in-1) at some point in the past so other than a few bits wasn't corroded. Pulled the fluff and wood debris out and gave it a blast in the cleaner.

Stripped it down except for two shafts - I think the ends are press on and simply need to be pulled off, but don't want to get it wrong and bugger it up. So how do I remove these two?





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The gathering pallet will come off. Put two pairs of plier handles under the pallet and use them as levers, it will come off. The centre one you can do in the same way, but you need to mark in so it goes back in the exact same place otherwise the hands will be out when it strikes. If the centre hole is not worn, I suggest you leave it and the cleaning fluid will remove the dirt, you have a good gap so oiling can easily take place.      

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