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    • Hello all,   I have a Hamilton 600 with a stuck caseback. Any advice on how to loosen it without damaging the lugs, or caseback itself?  It desperately needs a service, and an ultrasonic bath as you can see.   Thank you!
    • Thank you. I trimmed the hammer slightly and that did the trick!
    • There is no Seiko 5 "Malasyan model". All Seiko 5 are manufactured in factories outside Japan. If you want a Made in Japan Seiko you can get something like an SKX007J or a. SARB watch that are a mix of proveniences but can legally show that. For a brand new, fully Japan made piece you have to scale up further, perhaps not to Grand Seiko levels, but above $1,000 for sure.  I recommend against you taking your new watch to tinyi parts but to read here instead about what is best for a beginner to learn on. 
    • When you slowly turn the crown backwards in setting position, you are actually applying an opposite force to the train of wheels through the cannon pinion to take enough force from the mainspring power to stop the movement. It doesn't jam the works.
    • Hello All, Hope you're safe, doing well and in good health. As an update, I managed to source a click spring and the seconds wheel. After a lot of struggle - mainly because I was scared - I managed to put the click and click spring back together in the process of assembling the movement. In the final step of putting the balance, I couldn't get the movement to run. This is the first issue. I can say that the train wheel bridge and pallet fork are all seated correctly in their pivots as I kept checking the function every time I went a step further. I'd also add that I've used Mobi 9020 when oiling the pivots as I'm waiting for my supply of 9010 and other oils+greases although I don't think that would be a major problem. It is also very possible that the oiling is not an A grade job. The first round of putting the watch back together is an experiment to see if I can get the watch to tick. I will redo the whole project once I have the oils. In this current build, I was not even going to proceed with the keyless works; rather disassemble the movement. The two other issues are; 1. After I removed the balance, I tried to tap the pallet fork to see if it is gripping the escape wheel on the entry and exit points but I couldn't see that happening like what I've seen in some of Mark's and other videos on YT. 2. I had wound the mainspring a few turns just to have some power in when I put in the balance. As the escape wheel was unresponsive, I tried to unwind the mainspring to release any power but when i disengaged the click, the barrel didn't turn. Worryingly, this is exactly what I saw when I first disassembled the movement and when I took out the pallet fork, a lot power was released which apparently damaged the seconds wheel. Can someone please advise what could be the problem here with the three issues I've mentioned?  Any help will be greatly appreciated. P.S. This is my first project of restoring my Grandfather's watch.
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