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Seiko 1N00A Quartz Movement - Detent for Stem Release?



These are some photos of a Seiko lady's watch I bought for my wife several years ago.  The watch runs fine but fogs up.  She brought it in to a local watch repair shop a couple of times now for this, at about $10.00 US each time.  They cleaned the lens but it fogs up again before very long.  My thought is that they are not installing a new seal.  I took the back off this weekend to see and the gasket looked pretty distorted.  It was not broken.  There was a lot if debris under or around it though.  I plan to put in a new one.

I also wanted to clean the crystal from the inside myself, but I cannot get the stem out.  I can't find a detent to press, and I loosened the closest screw until it fell out (I was able to get it back in after several attempts) - no luck whatsoever with the stem.  I found a manual for the 1N00A online but it does not discuss how to remove the stem.  I probed several of the holes in the cover but they mostly appear to be for holding the gear axles in place - I also tried one spot on the edge of the movement near the stem.  Nothing allows me to remove it.  The stem is threaded - is that significant?

Thanks for any help you can give on this one.  There has to be a trick to it...











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Water molecules have already caused damge, lucky quartz movement and watches are inexpensive.

Best not to get the watch near water. Otherwise buying a real waterproof watch is probably less expensive. 

To get rid of the fog, leave the watch under sunlight for several hours.

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@DPhillip ...
I spent some time trying to remove the stem of a Hatori-Seiko last month and got success so perhaps that will help
1 - put the crown successively in position A (working) and B (hour setting) and check all the tiny holes ... there should be a "lever" moving in one of them
2 - when you've found the lever, set the crown in position A (yes ... different from the automatic movements)
3 - gently push the lever down and gently try to remove the stem

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Thank you all - stem is now out.  I loosened the screw nearest the stem by about 2.5 turns and tried putting a probe (a thin, pointed rod in an X-Acto knife handle) into the hole adjacent to the word "Corp".  This IAW the topic/8264-seiko-crown-removal/ discussion - thanks TexasDon.  It did not do anything immediately so I then tried placing the probe into the v notch above the O in "Seiko" (also discussed in that thread) - there is a tiny bright steel extension there, with a dimple or pit.  I moves very slightly in and out with the stem.  Yesterday I had pressed down steadily on this while pulling on the crown with no luck. This time, I gently wiggled the end of the probe in the notch and that seems to have done the trick.

There is pitting around the case and that may be from water and previous attempts to pry the back of the watch off to change the battery.  I plan to put a new gasket in and seal it, then hope for the best.  I have a few other quartz watches, one a Pulsar chronograph dating from 1990, and I never experienced fogging with those despite multiple battery changes.  However, they have screw-on backs if that makes any difference.

It will be interesting to see how to put this stem back in without damaging anything.

Thanks again,


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