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    • By Oyster
      Hi everyone !
      I got quick question about Venus 170 at first the hands are stiff to turn so I put oil on the pivot, and is trun freely , but now the gear probably hade to much lubricate and cause the gear to run free ( hours hand and minute not move) do I have to remove the oli by cleaning the gear or is maybe a different problem like loosen and need to tighten up ? 
      Thank you ! 

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    • Well, I don't know the official terms because I'm only an amateur. What I meant saying "full wind" on the 1575 (which is of course an automatic) is: I turned the crown about 40 revolutions so that I'm absolutely sure the mainspring is in the "slipping area". Thats "full wind of an automatic" for me.  Status update: After 30 hours the watch is 11 seconds ahead of the atomic clock. So the "about +9 result" of the timegrapher seems to make sense. I will observe until sunday evening if this is continuing. 
    • It was back in the 70's & 80's when I was a watch/clock maker. I'm still learning something new. Thanks. 
    • It depends on the mov't. 7S26 and its direct predecessors don't. All the others do and you might be surprised to learn that they hack also.
    • Not a great picture. Taken at the bench with the lights and cellphone.  Elgin Grade 430 3/0s in a jobber's case, Elgin 714 Shockmaster, and  Wittnauer Revue 73.  The Witt dial was shot so I just stripped it down to metal and did barely enough polishing the make it un-ugly.   I didn't think it was valuable enough to justify restoration.  Probably all will go to the auction site now that I am done with them.   RMD
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