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      running USN walthum and elgin needs help.   vin

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      Hi everyone !
      I got quick question about Venus 170 at first the hands are stiff to turn so I put oil on the pivot, and is trun freely , but now the gear probably hade to much lubricate and cause the gear to run free ( hours hand and minute not move) do I have to remove the oli by cleaning the gear or is maybe a different problem like loosen and need to tighten up ? 
      Thank you ! 

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    • I'm not sure that always applies. I have encountered a dealership that has cars on consignment. They were bought then shortly after placed for sale. The dealership manager told me it was because of 2 reasons, warranty service was very expensive and nearly any other repair was 10's of thousands of dollars. This dealership was a Ferrari dealer and they had 3 LaFerrari's ($1.5 million each) on consignment because of this.
    • Sorry for asking, but how I can message Mark?   
    • Sorry for the metric measurements. With the watch dating from the early 70's I should have put imperial measurements. I'm used to working in metric and just didn't think. JohnD - Like you, I think bi-numerically but I should have used imperial units in this case. JerseyMo - Thank you soo much for your input. You have saved me a lot of work and disappointment regarding swapping the M25 movement with a M75 movement. You have also helped me to find a cheap doner watch to (hopefully) repair my old diver. The doner watch I have bought has the same case width inc stem boss as mine, it has the winding stem / crown assy, an unbroken set lever and screw and the retainer. It is a complete watch that has issues. The dial code code is 23771 2575 and the dial code on mine is 23772 2572 so I'm hoping this is going to do the job! I'll let you know how it goes.   One last question to all of you very knowledgeable people out there...  Does anyone have or know anywhere that may have a black plastic bezel for sale to suit my old diver watch as I mine is cracked? Any help would be most appreciated!   Many thanks to everyone who has spared the time to help me in my quest to get my old watch working again for my little girl. You are a great bunch of people and I really appreciate the friendliness and advice that you have given me! Grae  
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    • You are right VW. In most cases the rich care about the bling and how many diamonds and can everybody see what adorns the wrist. For me a dress watch should be just that - Unassuming, functional and compliment the dress. I am not a fan of divers watches or any chronographs worn with an evening suit. Some like it, I guess it comes down to personal preference.
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