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What are your favorite watch tool brands, favorite tools and why?

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Hi Everyone!

Just wanting to know if you have any favorite tool brands are? Do you have any particular tools your really enjoy using?

I am an apprentice watchmaker and have slowly been building up my tool collection at work. Currently I have a mix of Bergeon, AF Swiss and Horotec tools I have personally purchased. I was just wondering if there are any other brands you'd recommend, tools or anything like that =) Thanks!

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Agree with oldhippy Dumont tweezers are really good. I have noticed they do not need dressing as often as the cheap ones. Horotec are a maker I like.  I use their screwdrivers + other tools by them, all are made well and not outrageously  expensive. 

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I have some vintage FAVORITE which are not my favorite,   Bought them off of a retired jobber.

As for why, other than one of fine tips, I don,t see any need for quality. A good fine tips tweezers lets you hold an end-stone, even press a little, without the jewel flying off the grip. Same with crystal R/R tools plus you want crystals scratched.

Regards joe


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Agree Dumont tweezers are worth investing in. I use them for watch work while I use Vetus one's sourced from Cousins when working on clocks and their larger part's.

I don't get too fixated with brands however. I've unbranded Swiss made vintage watch mainspring winders and cannon pinion remover that are more than adequate both bought at a fraction of the cost of new Bergeon branded ones.

Tend to stay away from Chinese tools but have both a time grapher and watch hand levers both of which I'm more than happy with.

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I don’t really have much of a preference with various brands except for tweezers, where i concur with above sentiments about Dumont- but I'll say that the normal quality Dumonts are pretty the same as most other Swiss brands. Where they differ, and differ greatly, is if you spring for the Dumostar level. They are more expensive and worth every penny. I can't recommend them enough.

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I've always enjoyed using tools and usually, but not always, I purchase the top brand. A case in point was my auto repair tools. Rather than use Snap-On tools, which are so pricey they will bring tears to your eyes, I opted for Craftsman tools instead. At one time, they were sold by Sears and their guarantee was the best in the industry. I've never tackled a chore on an automobile where a Craftsman tool failed me and I've done everything from frame up restorations to an automatic transmission overhaul. 

With watch repair tools, so many of them are highly specialized and brand specific. Watches are both a passion and a hobby for me so I don't have the tool assortment that a professional would. With screwdrivers though, I felt there had to be a middle ground between cheap junk and a set costing the equivalent of a mortgage payment on a house. 

So, with that goal in mind, I purchased these:


They're surprisingly well made, comfortable to use and feel exactly weight enough in my hand.  The replaceable tips, are utter garbage. So, I purchased these:


Now the business ends of my screwdriver set sport Bergeon bits. Total cost, less than $35 USD for the screwdrivers, holder and new bits. The tips are what do the real work so I'm good.


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    • I have learned 3 things with the disassembly of my first watch. 1. Watch face retaining screws are impossibly small. On the BFG you have to remove one of them completely to get the face off.  Then, when you tweeze them back into place with a crappy tweezer, the screw torques out and is gone forever.  Use better tweezers and don’t squeeze so hard.  2. When you practice reassembling parts to help memorize it for final assembly, don’t use the work surface to flip over and re-orient springs with your tweezers. As soon as you let go, the spring finds a new home in witness protection somewhere in your workroom, also, never to be seen again.  Perhaps it is neighbors with the dial screw? 3.  This stuff is fun.  I can't seem to find a source for this spring, and I am not dropping 100+ USD for a parts movement. Therefore, I may have to make it.  Anyone have experience with making springs?   Where do I source the spring steel?  I saw someone use piano sting wire to create one.   Any help or advice here would be appreciated.     I have circled the part in the pic below.   -Devon  
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