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    • By Mickeycz
      I'm new here and into watch/horology world as well. I recently tried to replace the dial on my 7750 watch.
      1) Open the wathc case
      2) removed rotor
      3) removed stem (gentle push of remove stem pusher and pull the stem out)
      4) removed the movement from the case
      5) put movment to movement holder
      6) removed hands
      7) removed dial
      8) put new dial
      9) pressed the hands back, hovewer during setting it up I realized the movement is not running - even when I wind it up - it is solid/stable and not ticking at all.. 
      Kind of out of ideas what can went wrong, the movement was functional correctly before..
      Thank you for any ideas.
    • By mousekar
      Hello All,
      I'm wondering what tool is commonly used to manipulate the regulator arm? I've used everything from tweezers to a plastic stick used to help open up computers. My main issue is that all of the things I've used are risky for slippage and I find it incredibly hard to just nudge a little when you're really trying to dial in the timing. I would think there would be a special tool for this (there's a special tool for EVERYTHING), but I haven't managed to find such a tool if it exists. Today I made my own tool using an old broken spring bar tool that I reshaped that should make life a little easier, but I'm very curious to see what everyone else is using.
      thank you
    • By Calvin
      Hello guys..
      I wanna ask..
      How to adjust my eta valjoux 7750 movement to be faster..
      Cause it slow 2-3 minute a day..
      Do i just need to move this part to the (+) sign?? Thankyouu

    • By Giuseppe
      in order to buy appropriate spares in my attempt to service an Omega 175.0083 (7750)  I need some advice:
      I've already been suggested to replace MS:
      Barrel is Ok and I'm thinking of buying a new MS and moebius 8217 for barrel lubricating as I don't want to spend money on recommended Kluber 125 grease.
      Should I consider instead buying a barrel complete (assuming Barrel complete (180.1) comes with MS installed) wich supposedly comes prelubricated ?
      Attached image shows automatic device bridge with evident sign of wear from where, to my understanding, the problem orginated: a screw came off
      I cant find original part. 
      ETA part is different from Omega in that the Omega is larger and partially covers hammer two function and the chronograph cam.
      Beside that and since the watch has no crystal back case I think those parts are perfectly interchangeable.
      Do I need to replace the bridge or are there alternative aproaches to this problem?

    • By perfectkyo
      A new 7750 movement, cleaning and assembly again, why watch swing only 260 °?
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    • Found a watch part, i wonder if it is good for the PUW 60.
    • Morning all. Thanks for the kind advice and warm welcome. @Nucejoe I've tried to give the watch a shake and the second hand remains in the same place (just before the 45 second mark). It's had a full wind and it certainly feels like it's not holding any power. We'll have to see what it looks like when I can get the back off it. I'll let you know what movement is inside so I can take a look at the datasheet and get cracking! Bring on the postman!
    • The measurements of the original Orient/Seiko mainspring are as follows: 0.95 x .115 x 370 x 10.55 Automatic (Height x Thickness x Length x Barrel Diameter) The closest replacement I've been able to find and the one I've been using is a Generale Ressorts spring: 0.95 x .12 x 400 x 10.5 Automatic The only lubrication I've done is the Kluber P125 around the barrel wall, and I do not lubricate the spring as it comes pre-lubricated. As far as I can remember the bridle of the GR spring and the original spring look the same or very similar. Unfortunately, I cannot verify this as I no longer have the original spring (per usual I mangled it in my K&D winder). And yes, just to make sure, I have no reason to believe the arbor hook slips out of the eye of the inner coil. If it did, the spring would unwind in an instant and it doesn't. When I wind the ratchet wheel screw using a screw driver (this watch isn’t hand wind able) it feels very smooth and the only plausible explanation, as I see it, is that the spring is constantly sliding as I wind. No mater how many revolutions I make on the ratchet wheel, unwinding always results in 4 revolutions of the ratchet wheel before the power reserve is depleted.  
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
    • Very nice, very nice indeed.  There is a watchmaker on youtube who's name is Richard Perrett. If my memory serves me well, I think he did a vid of an alarm pocket watch. Worth a look.
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