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Ingersoll sealion

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Hi Johnnie and Hi alls

Today something came to me from Britain :) sent by a great member here and a real gentleman ... Johnnie.

Johnnie sent me not only an beautiful watch but a complete set with box and guarantee card ... incredible

So le's go to the unboxing pics





I couldn't wait to see it ticking so I've set the day, the date and wound it ... and it ticks

So now it's up to me to take care of it ...

- redo some brushing and polish on the case

- polish the crystal

- find a nice strap to put on it

- build a custom new bezel + bezel insert

I'll do my best to make it look as if it was almost new then, of course, I'll enjoy wearing it.

Thank you again Johnnie ... I already love that oldie and I hope it will love the old man wearing it (I was 18 when you bought it)


So I will post here when all the work is finished but it could take weeks or months as making a custom bezel is not that easy.

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On 3/12/2019 at 6:34 PM, Johnnie said:


Hi Johnnie

Sorry for not posting anymore on that thread but the last past weeks my live have been a real mess (too much work).

But I have some good news about that nice Sealion B)

I have sourced a rotating bezel that should fit the case with just some little sanding !!! YES :biggrin:

I'll do that  next week or  the week after and post some pics when done.

Then  I'll have to finish the design of the insert (almost done), print it on a white decal, put it on and protect it with waterproof warnish ... I have found a brand that can be cooked in a kitchen oven and will perfectly do the job.

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Hi Manodeoro, don't worry there is no rush. Relax and finish the watch when it suits you! It will be nice to see a photo when it is finished. I hope it serves you well. 

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