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How to turn off notifitations

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6 hours ago, oldhippy said:

Click on your name top right.


Click account settings.


Click on Notification on the right, it is under Other Settings. You then have a list on the left. You have a list of what you would like or not to choose from.


Thank you, got it. 

BTW also figured out you go to post, top right, a pull down, opt out of notifications 

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    • Hi all i joined this forum may 2017 with the intention to learn watch repairing after my father suddenly passed away, He was a watch repair who trained with H. samuels in the 70,s he started repairing watches at a very young age 15 years old buying broken watches/ pocket watches from markets stalls etc, he started with H. samuels as a apprentice in the 1970 and never looked backed. All my life i have been around watches  my dad would work on watches 24\7 first thing in the morning untill late night he absolutely loved this trade. I joined my Father in 2012 wanting to take my dad to the next level by creating our own branded watch made in great britain  in Birmingham by master watchmakers and casemakers with with our own inhouse movement big dream i know but i knew my dad had the skills to do it, as he worked on all the top brands loads of old and recent movements from Rolex Audermers Piguet no complication stopped him no matter what i threw at him he did it all, he  even made parts from scratch on his lath. He was known locally for making a watch work by touching it.  Unfortunately my dads health was not on our side fiberosis got the better of him. one day we are working on our dream nextday hes gone. He always used to say to me to learn the trade from him i always laughed and said iv got you i dont need to learn it let me handel the online side of things. Guess he knew he wont be around for long hence why always pestering me to learn  the trade from him, deep down in my heart i knew if i learnt the trade from him he would leave me as he suffered with raynards and fiberosis of the lungs since 1987 he was given 7-10 years to live when he was diagnosed but he smashed that estimate he passed away 2017 purely due to his passion Watchmaking. After my dads passing i couldnt carry on with watches each second just reminded me of him so for 2 half years i did notting i let our business die. I come to a realisation that i cant let my dads passion his legacey just die i need to revive it in his hounor. Im starting from scratch and one day will make my dads dream come true. Iv got a workshop full of parts machines equipment. problem is my dad never marked anything except brand order so i have watch parts all over the place which i dont know what the hell they are so will spend the next few weeks reserching everything and joining marks course so i can start using these parts up.              
    • I too am beginning and got started with Mark and the lesson course.  Worth every penny.  I'm a year in and just feeling confident with cleaning and oiling.  Still get hung up on hairsprings!  Uphill climb. I have a loose roller on a Waltham wristwatch at the moment.  Staking set would be nice....Think I'll try Loctite!
    • Hi, watchweasol, thanks a lot for helping. Much appreciated.
    • I think the hairspring looks ok. In the static state the coils appear concentric and I am of the opinion that the rather weighty stud explains it,s apparent lack of flatness.. I am wondering if there isn't a problem with where the hair spring is attached to the stud. if it is not formed correctly there, I think it would move  the h/s off center, causing you problem.
    • Chronometer competition of course, sorry I was writing in haste. https://www.ikigai-watches.com/interview-with-the-watchmaking-father-of-the-modern-mechanical-grand-seiko-mr-akira-ohira/5472
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