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Trouble with a Seiko 7t62-0am0 from 2003

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I recently reacquired a watch I had swapped off to a friend years ago, a Seiko 7t62-0am0 Asymmetry (I believe was the name).  The watch is a quartz movement and is a chronograph.  When I initially bought the watch (new) it was worn gently.  When I traded off the piece it was to a dear friend who tucked it away in a box and essentially forgot about it until recently.  I got the piece back a few weeks ago, had a battery installed at an AD and it worked normally.  After arriving home, I put on the watch and it was functioning normally, except it stopped after about 30 or so minutes.  I took it off thinking it was a faulty battery or connection, but when I looked at it the next day in the display case it was again working.  After repeatedly wearing the watch and removing the watch when it would stop, I have come to believe that my body heat is causing some metal part to expand, thereby making the watch stop.  Could this be the case?  If so, what exactly is the issue (i.e., which part is the culprit)?

*the photo is a stock photo of this model watch*

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 


Dr. C. King


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If you're right, I would guess that there's an internal part that is shorting the battery to the case. You could test for that with a multimeter. Though, that seems unlikely unless something got inside the case. A wonky battery seems more likely to me. If you have an AD in town and they just replaced the battery, I would be inclined to go back to them and describe the symptoms and see if they have any ideas and/or are willing to deal with it. Seems like they'd be at least willing to put in another battery for you, and you'd at least have another data point to work with.

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    • Sorry hole size 0.5mm ….pin length 1.5 approx   Thx len
    • There is a guy Thomas Priek that does exebition case backs for Speedmaster and Rolex. Check him out. Maybe a speedmaster caseback could fit? Same  movement.