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    • By Jehan
      Hello everyone!
      Looking for some advice on what kind of grease you would use for the maintenance of the machine itself. 
      I want to ensure the proper workings of the machine. I’d love to be able to take this thing completely apart but not sure where to even start. 
      Has anyone here ever serviced one of these before?
      Any advice would be highly appreciated!

    • By AdamC
      I have a lovely antique cylinder escapement pocket watch that I've serviced and got running beautifully but now I have a problem with the minute hand falling off. I think it's known as a pin hole fitting hand. On measuring the hand it shows approx. 0.40mm, and then on measuring the arbor diameter with the vernier guage, it's also 0.40mm so it's very near but won't even grip when mounted. Photos provided of the job.
      Does anybody have a technique I can use to get the hand to fit?

    • By JFJ
      Hi everyone! I'm J from USA. Could anyone please help and instruct me on the best way to set my Valjoux 72C? I have a Ref 6036 and don't want to ruin it!
      Thanks in advance!
    • By x83
      I was given a 1973 seiko lord matic (5600-9001) recently and I am very fond of it. The acrylic is in pretty good condition and the case isn't too scared up. There are only 3 problems with the watch. First, the case is a little bit dirty between the lugs. Second it gains about 15 seconds a day. Thirdly, the original bracelet is too small, so I tried to replace it and found that one of the spring bars is stuck. I don't really know what to do with the watch so I came here to get some advice. Should I take it to a local  jeweler, send it to the seiko service center (probably a bad idea), or try to work on it myself? If there is anyone on the site that is able to work on the watch I would consider that as well.
      Thanks in advice for any advice.0
    • By PaulnKC
      I have acquired what I believe to be a WW II era wristwatch.
      It was "made" (offered?) by Mulco. The movement is an FHF 150 (with sweep wheel/center seconds). The case is from "ID" (which is why I believe it to be WW II era).
      Here is the face - still cased...

      Here is the inside of the case back...

      The dial side uncased...

      And the back (uncased)...

      I am not familiar with this movement at all. It's the first time I have seen an FHF. It's also the first time that I have seen (in person) a movement with a sweep wheel.
      I have ordered the Bergeon/Presto puller for odd number spokes. I assume there is isn't anything too strange with these old center-second movements other than the sweep wheel (removal and replacement).
      But would appreciate any info, cautions, warnings etc. that I might need if attempting to service myself. It's not a family heirloom or anything, but I don't want to kill a vintage movement.
      Also curious about watch itself if anyone knows anything about the original Mulco company and it's watches.
      Kind Regards,
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    • Hi VWatchie  I have attached the SEIKO casing guide in the hope you find it useful in your search. 03. Casing Guide seiko.pdf
    • Hello and welcome to the forum    enjoy you will receive all shades of opinions on here   all helpful
    • I’m servicing my first SEIKO watch housing a calibre 7S36B. Got it on eBay for about £70 and it seems to be in reasonably good condition. The crystal is somewhat scratched. I don’t know if it is mineral or sapphire glass. If mineral (which I assume) I suppose I could diamond paste the scratches, but for several reasons I would like to replace the crystal, the most important reason being I’d like to learn how to. I’ve already removed the old crystal and it’s intact so I could measure it. However, CousinsUK.com has a ”Seiko Glasses List (Under Construction)” with hundreds and hundreds of mostly original SEIKO crystals. Each crystal is listed with SEIKO’s part number, for example “Glass, Seiko 095N02GN00”. The question is, how do I obtain the part number of my SEIKO crystal? The numbers I’ve found on my SEIKO are: 7S36-05C0 – printed on the see-through case back, 0D0349 – engraved on the rim of the case back, and 7S36B – engraved on the oscillating weight.
    • Thanks for responding. One half millimeter!  Now I go search for this.
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