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Is this an 8 day movement?

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Hi all, this might sound a stupid question but I need to know if this would be described as an eight day movement. I bought this portico clock for restoration as it needed a new mainspring for the chiming train and a new barrel as it had cracked presumably when the spring snapped and as a matter of course I also replaced the winding train mainspring with a new one. It was listed at a local auction as having an eight day movement but I have fully wound it and it has run for 18 days on a full wind so is it a 18 day movement if you see what I mean.




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It is at least an 8 day, there are some 14 day movements and month duration

but the 8 day are more common. The nut to hold the bell is the wrong way round. Is there a number on the pendulum? if so is it the same as one of the numbers on the back plate. It has count wheel strike on the back plate. That is a very nice clock. I expect the case is wood. It is a strike not a chime. Is the case made of wood? Many are, some are marble.

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