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    • I am also finding within my limitations of Horticultural nomenclature and industry abbreviations, information isn't readily available within the time I have to invest.  I am working on the former, I can do nothing for the latter. Thanks again. Shane
    • Its odd, it looks to be related to the Citizen 3100 and its relatives http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Citizen_3100 ... but more so to the 700 series. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Citizen_0700 .. other than the fact that the balance arrangement matches neither. It also shares some similarity to the 0201 (and thus to the HMT) The 0241 has a similar balance arrangement.. and there is a Bulova version of that designated Bulova 11DP (Citizen 0241) and which Ranfft mentions as being used in Caravelle N0 (1970), so it does indeed appear to be a Citizen/Bulova/Caravell collaboration movement, but I cannot figure out which one.  http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Citizen_0241 http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Bulova_11DP    
    • I am always appreciative of the generosity I receive from others, not just with respect to their knowledge but the time it takes for them to extend it (a value I would like to instill within my grandson).  Even the most amiable of people can become frustrated with taking time away from their own interests and repeatedly helping those of us with less experience. Thank you. With respect to my personal situation (not having internet access from home, working ten hours per day and commuting three) downloading blocks of PDFs while I'm working and searching through them at home would be ideal. Information necessary for a niche interest can be difficult to reliably find from time to time and fade into obscurity as the natural attrition of the people participating, as well as, the corporate entities supporting them takes hold.  The Boyscout within believes,  having the information under the control of the people most likely to make use of it sounds to be a logical goal. Thanks for your attention, consideration and yes, your opinions. Shane
    • Hello!  I have be working on a Gruen 510S that had a bad balance spring, so I got a replacement and put it together this morning, and it took off and is running strong, so I put the dial back on and put hands on.  However, the sub-second hand won't stick now.  I removed it by very gently prying it up, and it will turn, but it falls off.  Are these likely to stretch?  I accidentally lost it as a result, fell on the floor when I was putting it back in the case before I realized it could flop off, so hopefully eBay has someone selling one.  Are they generally the same size from one movement to the next?
    • Hello A friend of my father gave me this old pocketwatch to see if I could repare it.    As you see in the picture, the balance wheel is extremely bent. I tried to bend it back, but i cant make it good enough.   Does anyone know where I can find a balancewheel for this Revue 30 movement? I have tried to search around online, however, I cant find any.   Is there a generic balance that would fit in here?    Best regards Nicholas
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