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Posting lots of pictures

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I need to post more than a few pictures to a thread and I'd like to know the preferred method for that here. Should I use a picture hosting site, or can I upload directly to this website? Is there a limit to file size per picture or per post?



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Have just had exactly the same problem (same error message). Tried one at a time but that didn't work. In the end used smaller lower grade images.


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    • good luck identifying all those parts,   are any of them rusty? 
    • welcome to the forum.  collect or repairing,  its all good info here.   vin
    • Nice, I have this on my want list as I want to learn to repair fusee watches (and eventually verge fusee) and its not uncommon for those old watches to of been bushed at some point, and not always correctly, which is where the depthing and uprighting tools come in to use.
    • don't be cheep,  buy 99 % pure chemicals.
    • Well...strange things happen all the time. Truly inspiring and I must agree with your fundamental conclusion, if you want something that works simply and flawlessly out of the box, the Weishi is definitely not over priced. But still...there’s something about exploring the underlying reasons and possibly try to improve what you have. Kind of the same sentiment that makes watch work interesting... Some quick feedback from my experiences that might be interesting for others. - I find it consistently easier to get good readings with an open case and the mic directly over the escapement. Again I guess that has to do with limitations of the mic (and possibly the signal conditioning that follows). - I usually step back on the sensitivity to the point where I get no readings (or zero sensitivity) and then step up to where I get the most stable plot and reading. Sometimes this is significantly lower than the default 12 setting. - I tend to always use the noise cancellation option in the settings menu. Especially when it’s hard to get an amplitude reading this allows to increase the sensitivity without getting rubbish data. - It’s difficult to get completely clear lines, there will always be some outliers. To me this indicate that the s/w that detects the relevant points in the signal isn’t smart enough to sort these out as erroneous. Alternatively it’s the signal conditioning/filtering that could be better. - Fundamentally I wouldn’t trust the average readings produced when the plot looks like as with your 2nd watch. Garbage in => garbage out and averaging shouldn’t make it more reliable (unless there is actually more going on that we don’t see that removes outlier data) To conclude, it would be great with a follow up where you try to tweak the performance a bit. But I realize I’m probably a bit too nerdy here... :-) And I still wouldn’t be surprised if a better mic and some analogue filtering could do magic with the performance of the app. I know there are posts on that subject on the forum and I’ll see what I can dig out there. And you got yourself a new follower on youtube... :-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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