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ISO Ceramic Bezel 42mm OD, 34mm ID

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 ISO  Ceramic  Bezel    42mm OD,  34mm ID.  Fits Revue Thommen (Grovana) Dive 17030.2.

Nothing close available at CousinsUK (best I can tell?).  Factory can supply me with Aluminum, but I want to "upgrade" to ceramic.   ...the closest bezel I find is the blue ceramic for certain Rolex Yacht-masters. UGLY! ;)

Suggestions on where to shop, please?

Thanks in advance!



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I don't know if they measure by inner or outer diameter, but there are lots of bezel inserts on aliexpress.com  When I add 42mm the one that comes up has the words YachtMaster on it... So probably same you've seen already.

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