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Escape wheel theeth profile


First thing first: I'm a beginner.

I've stripped down an omega 1152 which is basically a 7750 with a modified automatic bridge.

It wasn't working and the problem was easy to find and at the same time unexpected: a screw from the automatic bridge out of place and blocking the escape wheel!!!

So, the watch has rested for at least one year with MS fully wound and a screw in the most delicate place.

Now I've cleaned parts and checked under 12x, and at first sight everything seems fine at least to my inexperienced eyes. 

I thought that in the first place I need to test whether the escapement has suffered.

So I struggled a good hour trying to put on wheels, pallet fork, pallet fork bridge (what a pain...  Mark's videos made me believe it was easier...) and balance wheel.

And what a surprise  I didn't  bend any pivot!!

Note that no lubrication was made at this point since I have no lubricant yet..

Anyway at this point I expected a nice swing of the balance but nothing happened.

Blowing on the balance wheel made the trick, but amplitude was really small and it stopped after couple of minutes.

Stripped it down again to see if I accidentally bended any pivot. But everything seems fine except.. except escape wheel.

This is where I need advice:

The images attached shows the best shot I could take of  the escape wheel and e drawing of the theeth. 

Question is probably stupid but this is my very first escape wheel...

Is that profile normal or do you see signs of wear?



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This profile is how escapement teeth usually  look.

You should check the profile with other teeth on the wheel.If all look the same, they are alright. All teeth having got damaged by the screw is highly unlikely and damaged exactly the same? No. Sir

Power expectedly gets to escape wheel. Remove the fork to see it dose.while out check the pallet jewels, the impact could have caused  pallet jewels disallignment and make sure the impulse jewel is still hanging there.

Please better describe the symptoms so advices be symptom_cause based.

Regards joe

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Sorry,  you say it ran but stopped after a  couple of minutes,

I was thnkning ,stopped after a couple of swings.

 So lubrication offcourse. 

Until you get oil, one drop of cleaning fluid on upper and lower pivots of staff( over the jewel cab) and all other pivots and she flies,  if lube is the problem.

Cleaning fluid unitl evaporates( as long as in fluid state) acts as you would expect of oil. 



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