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    • Esslinger.com beats CousinsUK in quality and typically price, especially with Swiss Bergeon tools and tool kits. Esslinger offers tool kits for beginners as well, starting at like 60 USD. That is where I started off, even though it hasn't progressed to much.
    • May I ask the watchmaker community what are those extra numbers mean on these crystal glasses? The top is obviously the size of them what but are the others? Last year I bought a box of these off eBay. Is that cloverleaf (had to find its name in dictionary so hopefully I named it correctly) a trademark?
    • Hi  Just for interest what is the make of the movement and its caliber number,  I cannot make it out ,  Well done for getting this far.   Has this adventure fired your enthusiasm ?
    • Hi  I reckon Klassiker is about right, The extra will be worth it as regards quality and the tools will be ones that will be used, That is a "KIT". or there is the other route as mentioned by Joe, purchasing the items as singles and building up your own kit to the price you quoted, either way there will be plenty of advise from member as to what they personally recommend is required or essential to the task.    Cheers
    • Bergeon is certainly good but as watchweasol said not cheap. Among products you see on ebay bar above, some will do for a starter/ hobbyist. Screwdriver sharpener  for 2.99 Set of screwdrivers for about 10 to 15 bucks Tweezers about 20 bucks Stem holder 6 to 10 bucks  You can get advice on each item right here. Moebius 800 oil for about 10 Jax case back opener 10 to 15 bucks And a running watch, Mumbay special with ST96 for about 15 to 20 bucks. Plus all the help, advice and friendship on this forum.            
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