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Found 2 results

  1. hi everyone, today I was working on a watch (the movement was eb8810) and after I was happy with the result I put the movement under a. glass, come back to it 2-3 hours later, still ticking so I put it back in the watch case and after about 15 seconds it stoped ticking as I started to move it around I don't know where to go from here wether or not it needs re-oiling or a new part in the balance operation, this is not the first watch I have experienced this in and didn't end up doing anything with the other watch. thanks in advance, Ali p.s I am looking for an eb8800 movement in working condition so message me if you have one
  2. Good evening everybody my name is David and this is my first post. I'm a big fan of Marks YouTube Channel and keep up to date with all his videos. The most informative and detailed, easy to follow walkthroughs that I have came across. So, Mark, if you read this, thank you and well done! I am in the industry and have been for years now. I started by working for a well known high street watch repair chain (not sure if I'm allowed to mention the name) and after working with them and working my way up I decided to open my own watch repair shop in Nottingham City Centre. We've been running for almost a year now and going very well. I've attached a couple of before and after pictures of a recent repair to an Avia watch we have completed for a very satisfied customer. Probably my favourite repair to date purely because of the customers tearful reaction on collection. The best thing about this industry is the sentimental attachment people hold to their watches. What do you all think? I am always looking to broaden my knowledge which I have noticed this forum is very useful for. I can also offer any advice and help with anything that I have experience in. Please feel free to reply to this message and say hi. David
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