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Found 5 results

  1. I've made up my mind to build a watch around the the ETA 2804-2 (28.800/Manual wind/Date complication). It's diameter is identical to the ETA 2824-2 (25.60 mm), but the height of the 2804-2 is just 3.35 mm, that is 1.25 mm less than the 2824-2. I've been looking around but it seems very difficult (impossible?) to find watch cases designed for the ETA 2804-2, but there are plenty of cases to choose from for the 2824-2. So, I have two questions... 1. Where can I find watch cases designed for the ETA 2804-2, and if that isn't possible...? 2. Would a case designed for the 2824-2 work wi
  2. Greetings All, I hope this is not a silly question but I'd like to identify what tool(s) I might need to open this type of screw back watch case (see pic. below). This is an inexpensive Victorinox Swiss Army watch and I really don't want to spend $20-$25 at a Jeweler's to have the battery replaced. I know it's definitely not a snap/pop off case. Thanks, Klimi99
  3. Hi gurus, I'm working towards a project of making watches from scratch, and as part of that I'm considering buying a milling machine. Given the precision levels needed for both milling and boring, I'm considering a rather costly option, the Wabeco F1200. It has a 0.01mm tolerance for milling and 0.03mm for boring. My question: would you have an opinion or experience with the suitability of such a mill? Or would you have alternative suggestions for me? -- Best regards, Stian
  4. Hello everyone, first of all I am fairly new in watch repairing/collecting, so please go easy on me! Recently I have bought an Eternamatic 3000 Wristwatch Automatic Date movement with the calibre number 1500k. I have been looking over the net since forever to find a case in which this movement would fit in. I did some research and came up with the exact "dimensions" of the movement. I am attaching the sheet below.. I know that it is forbidden for other user members to promote the selling of such items, but at least if I can get a recommendation as to where to go on the net for the case that w
  5. I am wondering if anyone could provide some advice on polishing the scratches off steel watch case and bracelets? Would love to hear how you could do it, both for polished steel and also matte/satin finish steel. Thanks Ferdinand
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