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Found 22 results

  1. Vostok 2409 Service Walkthrough Disassembly Pictures (Please sort by name in ascending order) Vostok 2409 Service Walkthrough Assembly Pictures (Please sort by name in ascending order) Being able to service the ETA calibre 2824-2 was a long-term goal and a dream when I started servicing and repairing watches some years ago. However, my first “calibre love” was the Vostok 2409; a reliable Soviet/Russian 17 jewels manual workhorse without any complications which has been around since 1970. It is still in production and found in Vostok’s Komandirskie series of watches, by some called the
  2. ETA 251.626 Service Walkthrough The 251.626 is often found in mid to high-end quartz chronographs on the market today. ETA 251.262.pdf It is a fairly complex quartz movement that has 5 motors, 2 with Red Coils, and 3 with Green Coils. To begin the service we start by removing the 3 Indicator Maintaining Small Plates, and Date Indicator. A 1.4mm screwdriver is all the is needed for every screw on the movement. Here's a reference photo of the 3 screws for the Indicator Maintaining Small Plates. There are no more components to remove from the dial side of
  3. ETA F05-111 Service Walkthrough "The Workhorse Of Midrange Quartz" Moving on from the ETA 955.412 service, another common quartz movement, this time found in mid-range quartz watches, is the F05 111. It doesn't have the build quality of the 955/6 model; but it's still a very robust movement, and able to be serviced. In saying that, this movement is rarely serviced by a professional watchmaker due to the low cost of a replacement movement. Personally, I think it's sad we live in such a throw-away society, and are slowly loosing the skills and confidence to performance maintenance at home
  4. Good day, guys! This is my little way of giving back to this wonderful community. We usually receive for repair a watch handed down by a father to his son. In this case, its a watch given by the son to his father - a Seiko 5 from the early 1990s. The watch has seen better days, with its hardilex crystal beaten and the watch not moving at all regardless of the amount of shaking you give it. The hands are corroded and the dial mounted on the movement using contact cement. I'll skip the disassembly and show you how the Seiko 7009 movement works. The Seiko 7009 technic
  5. ETA 7750 Service Walkthrough The 7750 was first available in 1974, having been one of the first movements to be designed with the aid of a computer. It's hard to believe that the 7750 is still the industry standard movement for chronographs considering it's history. It was developed over 40 years ago by Valjoux, who was then a legendary movement maker that was part of the giant ASUAG conglomerate. But by the end of 1975 production was stopped due to the onslaught of the Quartz Era, and the 7750, along with many other mechanical calibers, was abandoned. Industry demand for this mo
  6. ETA Calibre 2772 Service Walkthrough Pictures – Disassembly (Please sort the pictures by name in ascending order) ETA Calibre 2772 Service Walkthrough Pictures – Assembly (Please sort the pictures by name in ascending order) For the disassembly sequence to make sense it is important that the pictures are sorted by name in ascending order. Generally, the sequence of pictures first shows the part to be removed in its position on the movement and the following picture shows the removed part along with any screws that held it in place. For the assembly sequence to make sense it is i
  7. Ronda 715 Service Walkthrough I thought I'd post a walkthrough on a simple quartz movement for people who are just starting out in watch repairing. The Ronda 715 is an excellent movement to begin with, as it's simple in design; but has all the components needed to practice your skills on. Even better is that it only cost around $10 to buy this movement brand new online. So if you break it or loose a part, you learn from the experience, and just buy another one :) Perfect!! The Ronda 715 is found in many of the "Fashion" brand watches, like Guess, JAG, Loyal, etc... As t
  8. First part of the disassembly, fixing and reassembly of my new Seiko 7T32-7C20 Flightmaster Chronograph that recently bought as defect. The damage was caused by trying to manually setting the date at around 11:30PM, when the watch usually starts to change the date automatically. Enjoy the first part of the video.
  9. ETA 955 Service Walkthrough "The Workhorse of Highend Quartz" The ETA 955 and 956 Quartz Movements are the most commonly found movement in high-end quartz watches with three hands and a date feature. You will find them in Omega, Tag, and many other brands on the market. For this walkthrough I will be using an 955.412 Movement as my example; but the 956 is so similar to the 955, that this walkthrough will suffice for both. Please note that the numbers after the decimal place only relates to the factory in which the movement was made, so yours could read 955.112, or another factory nu
  10. Miyota Automatic Service - "Three Screws to Rule Them All" Now for something completely different, a Japanese Automatic from Miyota. This is a budget driver's watch from a fashion brand called Scorpion, and I had no idea what I'd find when I removed the caseback :huh: Whatever! I just wanna work on watch movements, increase my knowledge, and the repertoire of movements I've had experience with. It's also a blessing to post these to help people with reference photos and walkthrough of various movements. When put on the timegrapher, it was quickly obvious that this moveme
  11. ETA2824 Service - The Radioactive Watch! Yes this watch is Radioactive ... so to speak :P It contains H3 Tritium Tubes to illuminate the dial at night. This watch belongs to my brother, and he has owned it for many years. I have to say that Marathon Watches are great "bang for buck", as this watch has served him well over those years, and he rarely takes it off his wrist. Unfortunately, on one of the rare occasions that he did (to wash his hands after work) he dropped it on the ground, and it stopped dead ... right at his quitting time 3:30pm. He was very angry with himself, a
  12. Seiko 5J22A Complete Service Hunting through my cupboards I found my old Seiko Kentic "Auto Relay" that I purchased sometime in the 90s, when this was the latest cutting edge Quartz Watch on the market offered by Seiko. It's been sitting for over a decade without use, and I decided to really push myself and, with the Lord's assistance, completely strip and service this watch. So I tracked down the Tech Specs, and if you are thinking of embarking on servicing the 5J22 YOU WILL NEED THEM!! :) So here they are: 5J22A.pdf I will be using the part names from this document for t
  13. ST96 Restoration Walkthrough I got a new project to start on: restoration of my brother's watch he got for his 9th birthday. This is not an expensive watch in dollar terms; but the memories and history are priceless, and one I really want to restore to excellent condition. It stopped running decades ago, but he has still kept this watch for nearly 40 years, how many of us can say the same about their first watch?! My brother has placed a lot of trusted in me to restore this watch, and I want to repay that trust by restoring this watch to the best of my ability. Note his name (b
  14. ETA Caliber 2540 Complete Service Walkthrough Looking for more movements that would expand my training scope. I found this one on the Fleabay: an ETA 2540. It's a "New Old Stock (NOS)" replacement movement, therefore it's not cased, and came with no hands. As there are many ladies watches, especially vintage ones, that are very small, this was my next obvious choice of movement to work on. As you can see next to my thumb nail, it's quite a small and compact movement indeed. Disassembly First remove the Hour Wheel, and leave the tension spring in place. Remove
  15. I was asked to have a look at this family heirloom just handed to me from a friend of a friend as it was not working and they thought it may have some value. The quality of the movement did not inspire, to say nothing of the identity of the watch !!! As I had never done a pin-lever before I decided to have a go and get it running again. On inspection I found it be in reasonable condition but very dry and the balance was very stiff and not working. Once the balance and lever were out all ran freely, so I reckoned a good clean and lube would solve the problem. For those interested I ha
  16. Seiko 7S26A Complete Service Background I have a good friend, a brother in Christ Jesus, who I've known for many years. He knows I've embarked on retraining myself for a new career in Watchmaking, and seen my first two restored watches. He told me that his old faithful Seiko 5, which he's worn everyday for 12 years, has recently had issues. Occasionally it will advance rapidly in time (up to an hour in a few seconds) and then just keep ticking away normally. I told him I'd be happy to take a look at it, and put it on my ACEtimer Timegrapher. The pattern on the screen looke
  17. Tissot 2403 Service Walkthrough What is it with me and small movements?! I seem to attract them in absurd numbers. Oh well, here's another one to push my Zeiss optics to the limit, a Tissot 2403. My brother's father-in-law found this at the local rubbish tip, thrown away and unloved :( Upon initial inspection the condition looked dirty but not marked up, Canon Pinion felt good when setting the hands, and it seemed to wind smoothly. But alas it wasn't running at all. So to the bench I go, and de-case this little gem of a find. It removes like many ladies fashion watches, w
  18. Hi fellow watch friends, back again with another service for ya :) This one is a woman's bracelet watch that were popular 20-30 years ago ... your Mum probably had/has one of these. Now when I say this movement is small, I mean it's small ... I don't think I used a driver over 0.8mm on it. And being small doesn't mean they are more difficult, but you need good optics to make working on them enjoyable. ...yes, that's my thumb! I've worked on a few of these now, and they commonly are held in the Caseback as seen below. So be careful when removing them so as you don't
  19. ETA 980.153 Service Walkthrough The ETA 980 Caliber is used mostly in ladies high-end quartz watches. The iteration for this walkthrough is the 980.153, which has the seconds subdial. ETA 980.153 - Technical Communication.PDF I thought this one would interest many of you, as it has a primary and secondary train bridge. Once the Hands are removed, turn the movement over and turn the fastening screws for the Dial Feet (circled in orange) until the flats are towards the feet. This will allow you to easily remove the Dial. Once the Dial is removed, you can take off the Hour
  20. Hi Guys, It's certainly been a while since my last walkthrough, and I hope to get back to posting them on a more regular basis. I also apologies in advance for the quality of the images, but the fluro lighting at my workstation causes havoc with the camera on my mobile phone, and I can't waste time at work setting up a good photographic light source like I can at home ... I hope you understand. This one is on a Maurice Lacroux with an ultra thin Girard Perregaux quartz movement inside. The customer had reported that the watch was losing time. So I ran it up on the teste
  21. Cyma R-425 Service "Things that go bump in the night" Here's something a little different, that I hope you all find enjoyable to follow. A Bump Automatic by Cyma ... the R-425 Movement. This watch was purchased by my Uncle in Sierra Leone back in the 60's, in his wilder younger years. The automatic winding feature of this movement using a "Bump" system, which these days is a very rare method of winding the mainspring As you may have noticed in the first picture of the Dial, the numbers on the Date Wheel have been removed. Once I pulled off the Dial I could see
  22. Richo "Dynamic Wide 9" Service New watch to practice on came in the mail today. It was a cheapie on Fleabay; but has a Day/Date Complication, with a pusher advance for the date, that I thought would be a nice advancement in my training. There was two other components in servicing this watch I need practice on: springs and incablocs ... and this movement has them in spades! And to stretch myself further I choose this movement because it uses a copy of the Seiko DiaShock System, this time with a more complicated three prong keeper; as apposed to the dual prong keeper in t
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