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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, can anyone help with this movement, when I start chrono on pusher it wont start, oscilating pinion wont move to the central wheel. Thanks
  2. Hello! I am planning to service this watch soon. The only information I can find online is a parts catalogue from cousins UK but I was wondering if anyone had an actual service manual for the Venus 170? I want to make sure I do everything in the correct order and oil only that which is essential. I'm hoping to find one similar to the landeron service manuals available online. Failing that, would anyone be able to indicate which screws are the eccentric screws on this movement? That would go a long way in helping without the use of a manual. Thank you for any help you can give!
  3. I have decided to take on a bit of a challenge and ad my contribution to the horological world by designing a custom build using the venus 170. I have spent the last 3 months studying, learning, slaving, crying, destroying, getting to this point in my watchmaking/repairing level. My first attempt was to tackle the Mount Everest (at least to me it is) of movements the 7750. I was met with a lot of belittlement and criticism by a few in other forums. To their point they were correct in many areas however I don't think I would have gone about it in any other fashion. I still have yet to conquer that beast, however I have learned a ton. I am almost there with the 7750. After attempt 6 I have decided to put that movement to the side. I have also spent a great deal of time working on the Elgin 462, which has also been quite a learning experience, and I have also yet to achieve success on that platform. After doing some research and learning about the castle wheel, column wheel, pillar wheel or whatever other terms it goes by I decided to pick up one more challenge. After doing some research and checking the wallet I stumbled onto the ARISTO Imports Chronograph with the venus 170 movement. My goal is to restore this movement and to include it in a custom build. I have ordered several other spares and intend to use them to reach my goal. In addition I intend to finish with a robust walkthrough of this movement. I have already reached out to many folks on this forum as well as reviewed scott mcafee's thorough thread on the movement. I originally wanted to add onto scott's thread but after reading some posts I have leaned that this is not the correct way to go about recording this venture even though logic would say keeping like information together seems well......logical. Anyhow I would ask that anybody and everybody include their comments and knowledge and even opinions. I have thick skin and welcome any and all input. I will do my best to give credit where credit is due. I will start by adding a copy of the Esembl-O-Graf I downloaded from the Ohio State Library. I found several copies but this one has the best quality. I have also included a copy of Ebauches parts breakout guide (If that's what its called). Thank you all in advance. Venus 170.pdf 170.pdf
  4. Hi everyone ! I got quick question about Venus 170 at first the hands are stiff to turn so I put oil on the pivot, and is trun freely , but now the gear probably hade to much lubricate and cause the gear to run free ( hours hand and minute not move) do I have to remove the oli by cleaning the gear or is maybe a different problem like loosen and need to tighten up ? Thank you !
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