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Found 3 results

  1. This is my first question on WatchRepairTalk and I’d like to know when to use a crystal lift and when to use a crystal press? I’m in the process of cleaning up and servicing this "Wostok Made in USSR" watch which I believe was manufactured in the beginning of the eighties and that I got off eBay for about $25. As can be seen, the crystal is pretty badly scratched and I want to remove it from the case and then sandpaper it according to the following method. I want to remove it for two reasons. Firstly, I want to avoid scratching the case while working on the crystal, and secondly, I want to be able to reach the edge inside the case the holding the Roman numerals so that I can better inspect it a clean it. As far as I can tell the crystal is an acrylic crystal without a tension ring. For this crystal, I believe a crystal lift (which I don’t have) is the right tool? I do have a crystal press but I don’t dare to use it on this crystal. My guess is that a crystal lift is used for acrylic crystals without a tension ring and that a crystal press is used for acrylic crystals with a tension ring and for crystals in mineral glass and sapphire? Anyway, I’m just guessing here and really don’t know so I’d really appreciate some facts about "Crystal Press vs. Crystal Lift". I’ve also contemplated just trying to remove the metal edge holding the Roman numerals from inside the case, but as far as I can tell having had a close look in my stereomicroscope (40X), the inner rim of the watch case holding the Roman numerals is an integral part of the case, i.e. not removable. I don’t have a camera for my stereomicroscope so here’s a macro shot (iPhone with macro lens). Perhaps it is indeed removable and it’s only an optical illusion? What do you think? It certainly won’t budge one bit when I try to pull it and wiggle it. Best regards
  2. Hi everyone, was super delighted to see how responsive this community is... I am resolving the 1st issue with my Slava watch and now I am confident I can get some help with my Molnya 3602 -I took it apart and noticed the balance spring is a little uneven and does not go back and forth... I took the bridge off (one screw) took out the balance wheel and spring attached but did not see anything wrong, out it back and the same issue pessimists. I need help understanding if the balance wheel is properly installed and / or needs replacement to get the mechanism to function. checked all other parts and main spring is good. Would help if I can also find the front crystal/glass and an authentic face.
  3. Hello Sirs and Madams, I am delighted to start this journey, this is my first time opening a mechanical watch and actually unscrewing a screw =D This is a Soviet Slava wrist watch that my uncle gifted in the distant past... initially 20 years ago I though I over wound the spring and broke it because the crown almost turned in neutral and would not hold sprint tension... ISSUE: The crown spins almost freely and the watch will not hold the wind, the crown unwinds back. Here is what I have done - took the back plate off, observed the mechanism and a youtube video to find a part called the "click" please correct me if I am wrong. Under this "click" I found a spring in 2 pieces which I assume should be in one piece so that it can twist the click against the large cog to stop it from unwinding. PLEASE advise me if I diagnosed the issue correctly and where I can find the proper parts to put back this watch back in operation.
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