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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I wish to start a new thread as a bit of fun that has examples of thinking outside the box when it comes to finding watch tools and equipment, either by making or modifying existing equipment or by repurposing a non-watch product in a new way - all with the aim of smartly saving money without sacrificing usability and quality. Extra kudos for excellent examples of lateral thinking! To kick things off, I include below a re-post of something I repurposed: Example 1) From this makeup brush holder: To this stylish tool stand: Example 2, I just purchased this to keep my reclaimed watch dials in good shape: I am sure you can do better than the above, post your best ones here!
  2. I have switched to titanium tweezers for general work and fond the Cousins UK own brand very good (link Here) as they require far less re-dressing and hold their shape as well as steel so the best of both worlds, in my opinion. However, I still have a cheapo set of brass tweesers for any work I do where scratching could be an issue and I am looking to replace these as I am sure the brass in my set is made from recycled rodico based on how quickly they deform. My initial instinct was to replace them with a better quality brass set, then I saw a video discussing the virtues of bronze then another on carbon fiber, so I went looking to see what was out there. As I intend this purchase to my my 'forever tweezers' I am happy to invest a little more on them so I want to get the choice right, but I have too many materials to pick from: Good quality brass Link Bronze Link Carbon fiber (all CF Link or CF tipped Link) Boxwood tipped Link Ceramic tipped Link Delrin tipped Link Vulcanized Fibre tipped Link Other???? My initial thoughts and assumptions: I assume that ceramic would be scratchy, so not a contender, can anyone confirm? I assume all of the tipped versions cannot be re-dressed, so the tip will need to be replaced once it wears out or becomes damaged? Wood/boxwood would not be ideal for everyday prolonged use and better for specific jobs like handling hands and dials? Can you please provide your experience of the above types and do my assumptions align with your actual experience, and any recommendations for preferred brands for each material that you have good experience with? Also, let me know if I have overlooked any good options. Note: All the links above are just examples from Cousins, I'm not tied to them, it was convenient to take all the links from one source for consistency.
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