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Found 1 result

  1. SEIKO 6138/6139 Repair Procedure of CENTER CHRONOGRAPH WHEEL PREAMBLE: My Quest for a Repair Procedure of Seiko 6139B CENTER CHRONOGRAPH WHEEL (PN. 888612) I have on several occasions searched for information on how to repair the infamous Seiko (6138, 6139) CENTER CHRONOGRAPH WHEEL, to no avail. Threads about the subject matter are generally sprinkled with authoritative sounding comments that they cannot be repaired. My question is why? Why can the number of parts stacked on the extended pivot shaft, stacked above the fourth wheel not be lifted off of the shaft, giving access to the fourth wheel staking location? In my case I have 2 chronos where the staking on top of the fourth wheel, holding it in place, has loosened making the wheel loose)? Logic leads me to believe, if I remove the 2-3 clutch parts (above the fourth wheel) off the top of the shaft, exposing the top of the fourth wheel, I could re-stake it and then re-install the parts in sequence, thus repairing my problem. MY QUESTION: Has anyone had success removing the stack of clutch parts above the fourth wheel and/or know of and literature explaining the procedure? NOTE (6138B): interesting that the Center Chronograph Wheel PN.888611 is listed, as one part, (a complete) and in the diagram it is shown as one-part, but in the part list there are a number of additional parts listed. I’m assuming this is the stack of parts sitting above the fourth wheel that make up the (complete). So with all of this said, how do we lift these parts off the shaft without damaging them and the chrono ASSY so that the fourth wheel can be re-staked? Thanks in advance, Will
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