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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, so I recently got a seiko 5 snk809 and it was working fine, I then decided to regulate it as it was losing about 1 minute a day. After I regulated it it was working fine then stopped so I shook it to wind it up and then it started working. After 5 minutes it stopped again so I wound it up and it would work but then stop after a couple of minutes. I checked to see if the watch was being winded and it was, so the watch had power but just wouldn't move, I dont know why this is, the watch has power but will only run for a minute or two when I shake it, this hasn't happened before to this watch, so if anyone could help that would be great. Thanks
  2. Hello, Now going to tackle my second Seiko repair after fixing a displaced 7S26-C rotor/bearing (posted in another thread). I'm still a newbie at all of this, but learning by watching, reading and doing. I'm really enjoying the work, I wonder why I did not learn this art years ago. I was given a Seiko 7009-3040 automatic for free. I took a look at it and saw that is had a bent second hand. Closer inspection showed the little [ S ] emblem has been disconnected from the face and is rolling around between the dial and the face (show here resting next to the 4 o’clock position. It was actually in the day/date window hiding at first. After a bit of tapping it came out. I was thinking it might be not too hard to fix? Separate the movement from the case of course. Then glue the [ S ] emblem back in place on the dial using a very small amount of super glue. I can see two small holes for mounting. Bend the second hand back to straight. So the real questions are is super glue OK for this application, I would assume to let the dial stay out of the case for a day or two to protect the rest from 'glue fogging'. looking a the second hand, I'm almost sure it just might break if I try to straiten it? had anyone else seen this happen, the emblem falling off and fouling the hands? Thank you very much in advance. Cheers
  3. Hi guys.. Sharing some pics of my latest purchase. An early Seiko 5. This was for sale on local facebook page and I got it for MYR177 plus MYR10 for shipping. That's less than USD50 all in. I'm not a fan of these ridged bezels but I was drawn to the clean face as these are getting harder to find. The case back is from Nov '67. Seiko went from the seven digit serial numbers to the six digit ones sometime in '67 so this would be an early one. Oh and a 'proof' case back is always nice! It's a snap back.. Not a front loader. Case looks like its been polished but it's not too bad. Another view of the dial... On most older Seiko's you would find the lume has blackened and this affects an otherwise perfect dial but since this model didn't come with lume it's pretty much perfect. Inside is a 6119 movement... I'm particularly find if this movement and despite the bezel I think this one is a keeper. Anilv
  4. Gents, I would like to share the new series of videos I am making, while I service a Seiko 5 7009-3130 automatic watch I just received. This is Part 1, I am uploading the other p2 parts of the tear down and will link them here soon. Please enjoy!
  5. This is my first disassembly. The movement is a 7s26 from a Seiko 5 watch. It was running a few minutes at a time before disassembly. The oscillating weight was in two pieces. It appears the three pins(?) have all broken. My questions are: Can this be repaired? Is it as simple as pushing the broken pins out and replacement? What tool would I need to perform such a repair. I know I can replace the complete oscillating weight, but what fun would that be? Thanks for your time and knowledge,
  6. ERRORS IN THIS VIDEO: At 3:42 you may notice I have placed the Intermediate calendar setting pinion reversed. If you are following this video whilst rebuilding your 7S26 then please take note of this. At 4:55 you will see that the Intermediate pinion is now placed correctly. Even experienced watch repairers make mistakes sometimes PART 3 of 3 In this video I am stripping down and servicing a Seiko 7S26 skx (Seiko 5) automatic watch movement which has not been serviced for a very long time. View full YouTube video
  7. In this video I am stripping down and servicing a Seiko 7S26 SKX (Seiko 5) automatic watch movement which has not been serviced for a very long time. View full YouTube video
  8. Today I chose, from my small and humble collection, to wear my the first mechanical watch I ever bought and that started me on this sickness. My Seiko SNK809. Here it is with a Bond strap. Today I'm actually wearing it with an ACU Grey Maratac strap. I still think this is one of the nicest watch values around.
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