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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I am brand new here and have very recently got into watchmaking. I have a couple of watches I bought cheap for the purpose of practicing. I have a PUW 260 which was ticking away when I bought it but admittedly I didn't have it very long before I started tinkering. Long story short, I don't know if there was always a problem or (more likely) if I created a problem. I have disassembled and cleaned the watch completely and have re-lubricated the pivots and greased the appropriate parts of the movement and keyless works. Again this is my very first time so i am not confident I have done it properly but I followed all the best practice guides and did my best. At first I was able to get the balance wheel spinning freely and it seemed to be working until the hands were attached and then it would all stop. I removed the hands and noticed there was a small amount of rust around the top of the minute hand and a little on the underside of the seconds and hour hand. I managed to get everything running freely after cleaning the hands and the cannon pinion again. At one point it did stop again and this time, moving the hands with the winding stem got it going. I left the watch, face up, for the evening and when I checked this morning it was still ticking nicely and was the correct time. So I gave it a full wind, put it on and within about 10 minutes, the second hand stopped again. The winding stem trick seems to work but would like to understand what is going on here. Do you think I missed some dirt? Could it be a bent pivot? Any suggestions as to what I should look for would be greatly appreciated - I am sure there is some vital information I missed out and I apologise for that, I am a total noob at this. Thanks All!
  2. Hi, After about 30 minutes of trying to install the seconds hand on an ETA 2834-2, I took a closer look and realized that both the seconds hand and the pinion are "male" type. All the hand sets available on ebay / amazon have the seconds hand with a solid post; can't seem to find a tube type one. I"m new to this hobby. Am I doing something wrong ? Is my ebay sourced eta movement a copy? Thank you for your help! WatchManApprentice.
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