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Found 3 results

  1. Ronda Rotor Removal

    Hello! My first question / project as a new member: I have a watch with a Ronda 4438, or perhaps 4439 automatic movement. The rotor has considerable play due to wear. I have been unsuccessful at finding information about the proper rotor removal method. Referring to the attached photo - I have identified the two stake marks at the rotor hub, but I do not see any retaining components or clips (perhaps the component that I marked with arrow?). Any guidance would be much appreciated! Cheers, Neil
  2. I recently purchased a Longines Admiral watch that I though was an automatic. There is the link to a similar one on eBay As you can see the one I have is identical to the automatic one on eBay (see photos).To my dissappointment I have discovered that it is has a Ronda, 1 Jewel quartz movement (labeled "Swiss Parts" that is assembled in the Far East). There is no caliber number on the movement. Also I was expecting a two piece stem but the Ronda has a one piece that i had to force out to remove the movement from the case (only comes out the front).The inside of the one-piece case states: Longines WittnauerStar W.C. CO.10k Gold Filled2951-5056912972Does anyone know the Ronda movement was a replacement for the original Longines movement? OR did Longines sell this watch with the Ronda movement in the 1970s/1980s???Does the watch have any value if the movement is not the original?
  3. Hello, I'm new here. Never repaired a watch before but hope I can muddle through this one . I imagine a professional repair would cost more than the watch is worth. The stem on this watch broke. I have both pieces. I removed the remaining piece of stem from inside.( took forever ) The movement says Ronda, but no numbers. I think the crown might be permanently attached or at least very tight. I really like the watch and hope someone can help me fix it. Thanks!