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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there ,just a little reminder for enthusiasts and diy maybe not the pros ,anyway I got 2 watches today for a service ,firstly a seventies mortima dive watch and a 1920s elgin grade 292 hunter pocket watch . Well it looked like the dust cover on the pocket watch had been opened by everything from a crowbar to an axe what a mess .The mortima had the bezel bent and huge scratches where someone had tried to take it off . Please use the right tools to open casebacks ,remove bezels ( no caseback knife ) use bezel remover ,and sharp blade for dust covers . Have an assortment of snapback tools as these are the easiest to damage . Remember to achieve perfection one must leave the timepiece if one can in better condition than when one received it
  2. Can anyone tell me how to remove a 3rd wheel friction pinion without a roller remover? Thanks
  3. Hi Can anyone help me with this problem? I have a size 12 american pocket watch that has what appears to be the wrong screw in the nickle barrel plate. I need to remove it. It won't turn left or right, the head doesn't protrude far enough to grab it with a pin vice.
  4. Hi, I'm new on here. Have just won a Sicura D500 Jump Watch on ebay. It looks battered from the pictures (yet to arrive) but it is working. I still have my 1973 Sicura, from when I was 11. The hands had fallen off and the mechanism stuck and so I left it for years. My original plan is to use the best case and crystal, take the face from my original and attach it to the working mechanism, and use the new red and white hands. But then I realised that I had never taken the back of the original watch off, so the hands must be inside the case, maybe jamming the mechanism. So I gave it to a friend who's really looking forward to getting his hands on the watch and learning what makes it tick (apologies for the unintentional pun) but when he unscrewed the back he wasn't sure how to remove the mechanism from the case. He said to me something along the lines that he was looking for a release plate, but couldn't find it, so wondered if it was a block and something, and he didn't want to pull at it, in case it was the wrong thing to do! Does anyone have any ideas on how to release the mechanism from the case? Many thanks. Also I'd be grateful for any other tips on polishing out the glass and case. Enclosed is a photo of my original watch.
  5. Please help me.......I'm trying to find the release button for this watch......there is a spot next to to right of the stem....but I'm unable to release the stem......Thanks
  6. is it possible to clean the mainspring in situ if not damaged? i dont have a winder yet!
  7. Hi All, Newbie here, needing help on removing the stem on an Anne Kein watch as show in pic. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,
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