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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've been working on this Poljot alarm watch and have run into some issues with low amplitude I'm having trouble diagnosing. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated! Originally this movement was non running and I discovered that it was magnetized. Once I had disassembled and serviced it, the movement functioned fine with good amplitude. However, I left it alone for a couple weeks and found it was no longer running once I returned. I've demagnetized it since but haven't had any luck restoring the original functionality. Any ideas on what could be causing this drop in performance? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello again. I was checking the performance of my Strela chronograph (Poljot 3133) and found an interesting anomaly. By looking at the timing graph, I would say that aside from the watch needing some adjustment, one of the two swings seem to be inconsistent. Am I right in stating that? I was pretty confident that I will find some obvious problem with the impulse pin, pallet jewel, or escapement. But taking these parts out of the movement and reviewing them under the microscope did not reveal any obvious problem. Nothing seems loose, damaged or bent. I then cleaned the parts and put them back in the movement and as expected got the same anomaly on the graph. I am very much in the mood to disassemble, clean and oil the whole mechanism but before I go there, I thought it may be a good idea to check with the forum on what is likely causing this behavior. I am attaching some photographs of the parts but they were made with my phone pointed through the eyepiece of the microscope and may not contain enough details. Guess I should also say that this is the first time I will be fully disassembling a chronograph. Cheers!
  3. Having just finished Mark Lovick's excellent "Maintenance Servicing" course, I'm now reassembling a Poljot 2614.2H movement. Unlike the the Unitas 6498 in the course, this movement has a friction point which I don't know how to releate to. It's certainly not easy to formulate a correct question, so I'll back it up with a couple of pictures. Should any oil be applied to the friction point between the jewel (on the inner/intermediate bridge) and the fourth wheel pinion, and if so what kind of oil?
  4. I’d be surprised, but very happy, if anyone has the knowledge to help me out with the following. I’ve bought a Russian watch having a Poljot 2614.2H movement (Cornavin Dolphin) on eBay which I’m now servicing. My problem is that I need a new mainspring for it (or barrel complete) but I’m unable to find anyone who can supply it. I found some other Poljot mainsprings on eBay and CousinsUK.com, but non for the 2614.2H. For example, on eBay I’ve found a mainspring for a 2609/2614B, and on CousinsUK.com I’ve found a barrel complete for the 2609. However, I have no idea whether those would be compatible with the 2614.2H or not?! Here are the measurements of the mainspring I’m looking for: Height: 1.15mm Thickness: 0.12mm Length: 330mm (approx.) Inner Barrel Diameter: 10.48mm I should also mention that it needs a “DB = Special Bridle” as specified by the Generale Ressorts catalogue on CousinsUK.com, which I’ve also browsed but with no luck. Below are some pictures of the barrel and mainspring I’m looking for.
  5. Hi, I have been servicing a Poljot 2612 alarm movement - everything stripped, cleaned and 99% reassembled - however I an really struggling with getting the balance back in. I've now spent 3 separate sessions just trying to get the balance in - but still no success. Very frustrating. I notice that there are a few references in these forums of people having serviced similar 2612 movements - so I'm wondering whether there is any advice on the best / most successful way to re-install the balance? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Mike
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