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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Watchmakers/repairers, I live in New Zealand, am new to this forum, and my main experience with watches is changing batteries for my & my wife’s watches, and as you will see, I don’t know the technical terms, etc. My wife has a Lorus women’s quartz watch with V501-X201 written on the back (see photos attached from after I took it apart, removed the crown+stem, then reattached it after taking the main workings out of the case). In recent years the batteries (Maxell SR626SW (AKA 377) meant to be 1.55V) have been failing after only a few months, then I’d take them out, check the voltage (it might be 1.2V), clean it, put it back in, and it would go for another few months. Recently when this happened I found some specs of blue-ish looking corrosion under the battery itself and in the battery compartment, so I cleaned it a bit, but lacking time, I put the same battery back in with the plan of replacing it another time, and it worked, but 2 days later it stopped again. This time I cleaned the battery compartment with isopropyl alcohol on a cotton bud, and replaced the battery with an unused one, but the watch would not work (well, I don’t see the second hand moving). Battery voltage is 1.49V (measured before replacement and after finding the watch didn’t run), because it’s a bit old, but my records show this watch runs on well under 1V. I note in one of the attached photos, the white pad in the battery compartment has a large hole in it. Looks like it’s worn through. Assuming this pad is for insulation (to prevent a short), I tried putting a small piece of paper over the hole, but the watch still wouldn’t start. Questions: Q1. Does the watch need to be basically assembled (apart from the back & strap) for it to work, or do I just need to make sure the crown is pushed in? Q2. Should I be covering that large hole in the white pad at the bottom of the battery cavity with some paper? Or plastic? Q3. What are the most likely causes of the problem with this watch stopping often in recent years? Q4. What are the most likely causes of the watch not working now? (I have a cheap multimeter if you can tell me what to test...and how.) Q5. Is it likely that cleaning the battery compartment (not very gently) with a cotton bud could have caused it to stop working? Q6. How do you think I can fix it? I don’t think it’s worth paying a watch repairer to fix this watch, but maybe I can fix it myself if it's easy enough. Thanks for your time and skills. Terry
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