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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, I have been steadily been making my way through course one and now into course 2. I am following along with the Chinese clone of the ETA 6947 (ST36 from eBay). 1. I noted a difference with the movement I have got vs the videos and I have an additional part on on the balance cock (photos provided) and wondered what this part is (forgive me I am not sure what to search for to find any similar questions). 2. The Incabloc shock spring has actually detached (I am wondering how hard it's going to be get get this back in? Thanks All (forgive me if these are super ba
  2. Hi all! I'm new to this list, just found you folks. This is one of the watches I got from a friend whose mother died last year, and I would like to refurbish it. It works, but the watch face needs cleaning, so I need to take the watch stem out to gain access to the face. Back of the watch shows it's a Seiko 2C21-5041, 452294. I went online to look for a manual, and didn't see it. I have tried all of the dimples, and pressed into that little divet just above the stem, but nothing seems to be happening. There is also a screw that I have tried to unscrew, but it's extremely difficu
  3. Hello all! I am just discovering this website and forum after about a year of watching the watch repair channel. //Information about myself -I have been working on watches for 2 1/2 years -I have worked on vintage watch brands and newer watches such as (Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham, Timex, Seiko, Bulova, Movado, Atlantic, Rolex, Omega, and Brighton) -I love all things watches, Horology, and its study. -I admire past watchmakers and want to pursue a carrier in the watch repair, or Horology field. -I am signed up for an intro to Horology from awc
  4. I recently replaced a balance staff in a pocket watch and, once assembled, the balance wheel was too tight because the pinion gripped the top jewel. Removing the bridge brought the complete wheel assembly with it and it was quite a job to separate the two without breaking anything. There's an answer to every (horological) question and I just know it will be found on this site. Over to you!
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