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Found 6 results

  1. Once again I am asking for help. I cleaned an Illinois pocket watch. It was running well, but had a lot of lint and other debris inside. I cleaned the balance wheel and hair spring without taking the hair spring off. Cleaning was done in lighter fluid in an ultrasound machine. The movement was cleaned in an ultrasound machine using watch cleaning fluid followed by two rinse soakes. Everything went back together well. When the balance cock and hair spring were placed the spring was not parallel to the plate. None of my manipulation could make it so. If the balance wheel is manually the escape wheel moves normally, but the watch will not run. When not in the watch the hair spring is parallel to the balance wheel. I have included pictures. The one from the side was meant to show the h.s, but is hard to see. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. This is an addendum to my question above. I have included a picture that I left out of my question. I also want to say that the watch was demagnetized.
  3. I'm relatively new to mechanical watches and have quickly become fascinated but have an elementary level question that hopefully someone can answer. If the hairspring and balance wheel come to a complete stop due to the main spring running out of power, what is it about winding that sets the balance wheel back into motion? I understand the way the escapement works once it is in motion to input a small amount of energy into the balance wheel, but don't understand how winding alone sets it back into motion. I know with grandfather clocks you have to restart the pendulum manually and I'm wondering why this isn't the case for watches also. TIA.
  4. The oscillator, or something, in my automatic wrist watch seems to be greatly affected by outside temperature (summer vs winter). It seems to run fast in the summer, and even faster in winter (The manufacturer said they could adjust it). Q: Is this difference with temperature normal/possible? and Q: What would cause this? [a poor choice of hair spring material (stiffer in cold = higher rate)??? a poor choice in lubricant???] Thoughts? As an Engineer, I like to understand causes and effects. As far as my watch is concerned, I will be surprised if there is a year round fix. -E-
  5. I bent the hair spring attempting to turn the hair spring collet to line up the roller jewel with the pallet fork. Manipulated it and this was the end result. I had to pat myself on the back.
  6. As per the title, I was checking why my Gigandet Valjoux 7733- based chrono was not working today, and noticed that the hair spring got loose from the small insert that connects it to the balance cock (what's its name again?) Taking a closer look, it appeared to have been fixed with schellac, but I am not sure. Would this be normal, if so? So now I need to find a way to reinstall the hair spring inside the stud. Heating it gently could be the way, but I am afraid I will only riun the hair spring if not careful enough... Ideas? Comments?
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