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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of building my first watch. I have sourced the parts from ebay and decided to go with a Miyota 8215 movement. I believe I have everything I need, have learned a lot from watching the videos , however I am still scratching my head on a white movement ring that the Miyota came with (picture attached). Is this the dial spacer ring or does it function as both a movement ring and dial spacer? The case I purchased comes with a movement ring (however I have to purchase the clamps and screws, which I have already found on Esslinger). If this is not a dial spacer, I am assuming I would need one so the date ring doesn’t get stuck, however I am uncertain if the dial spacer is totally necessary. Thanks in advance! Guido
  2. Hi Everyone, i am looking for some advice and coaching. I just recently took up watch building as a hobby and I thought I was doing ok. Got through my first one and didn’t do too bad. Though that one was a Miyota 8215. So then I thought I would try a 2824(clone) because it had larger diameter hands and that is what I had the most trouble on my first one. And it actually was a little easier on the 2824. But it seems I am 0 for 4 in getting it in the case because of not being able to get the stem back in properly. I’ve failed on 3 cheap clones and one ST 2130. But still no joy. I did try to repair one of them per the video by Mark, but that wasn’t successful either, though I thought it seemed like it. I had gotten replacement stems for 2824 from CasKer and it looked the same but I think it may be part of the problem. When I had one apart as seen on the video I tried to fit it through the pinion and it doesn’t go through. So I thought that could be the problem. But I tried the shipped one of the ST 2130 when I was getting it ready to go I’m the case and that failed too. What am I doing wrong. Should I punt on my new hobby or does anyone have a suggestion. I’m down about $140 on movements so far. Respectfully Frustrated, DPipe12
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