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Found 3 results

  1. I need to source a "Date Indicator Maintaining Plate" #0808-300 for a 7S26 "C" movement. I'm building a franken movement out of an "A" and "C" model and Seiko changed this plate. Any ideas as to sources? Thanks, RMD
  2. I've been poking around with a Certina cal. 25-651 for some time now. When putting the last piece together, the date wheel mechanism, I realized the date disc was not moving no matter how many times the hour hand went around. I started looking into the problem and soon realized the date wheel, 2556 had a broken spring. The "hook" on the spring was missing. Googling the problem revealed two things: a.) the spring is fragile and my problem is a common one with this calibre b.) The replacement part is hard to come by and expensive when found. I've been buying scrappers on eBay before to get around this issue but taking the watchmaking craftsmanship to the next step for me would be to start manufacturing my own replacement parts. I like the idea of this since I think it's the only viable way for watchmakers working with vintage watches when more and more replacement parts, no longer in production, are sold out. I've managed to take the wheel apart using the staking set. Next thing would be to create this tiny spring. Where should I start. I have parts of it left (as seen below) and I think I can find pictures of it online, good enough to understand how it should be shaped. I need to measure the dimensions of the material used in the original spring. Not sure it's necessary to get it correct on a micrometer level but it must be pretty much the same to fit in the frame on the wheel. Some questions .. 1. Where can I get hold of material used for the new spring. I'm a regular customer at CousinsUK so i prefer to buy from there if possible. Other sellers with inside of the European union will do :). 2. What tools are preferred when shaping the spring? Tweezers and pliers? Something more delicate? Thanks! /Alex
  3. Evening everybody. How easy is it to change the date wheel on a 2813 movement? Has anybody got experience, pictures of the disassembly or any tips to help me along the way? I know there cheap and throwaway but I'm doing a favour for a friend. Thank you Kyle
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