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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Watch Repair Talk Community, I am really glad to have found this website as it provides highly valuable information about watches and timepieces. I kindly would like to get some buying decision advice from you which is why I am here. I have decided to get a new watch search and possibly buy a new watch. This potentially will be my only watch. I always had quartz watches. These quartz have never let me down. If one stops working, I just have the battery replaced and it carries on working well. But as these watch are quite reliable and robust, they seem to lack the "soul" of fully mechanical watch. After searching through the internet, I have narrowed down my choice to the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical H69419933 with black dial and beige canvas/leather strap. http://bit.ly/1XuQj8O This watch ticks all the boxes. I am seriously considering to buy this same watch for the classic aesthetics, convenient form, brand heritage and overall utilitarian function. As I have previously mentioned, if ever I do get this watch, it will be my first venture in to the world of mechanical watches. This particular model retails here in the UK for £265 from reputable watch dealers. I can even get it from through interest free finance. I think £265 for a quality mechanical Swiss watch is reasonable enough but is still quite a lot of money especially one is on an average wages. However, from what I have gathered from the reviews on internet this Hamilton watch uses the ETA 2804-2 calibre and from my understanding is quite prone to problems such as: 1. Watch stopping within less than 2 years of normal use. 2. Mainspring breaking easily 3. Water ingress from rain and splashes. These problems that I have enumerated above makes me think twice in purchasing this watch. I was hoping that these are just isolated cases. I don't mind having them repaired of course, but I would I would expect that to be done at least after 2 years from purchase. I am keen to know from watchmakers who have already serviced this particular model over the years so I can be a better informed buyer: 1. Would you recommend to anyone with a limited budget considering to buy a mechanical watch which probably their first and/or only? 3. How much should one expect to pay to have the ETA 2804-2's main spring replaced and repaired? Would you say that this is an easy job? 4. How much should one expect to pay to repair damage due to water ingress from rain and splashes. 5. What other major problems does the ETA 2804-2 have? 6. Do you think that money spent on buying it would worth it? 7. Should one expect the cost of owning it to be more than the purchase price, especially if the movement does give up in less than 2 years? I hope you can help me with my decision. Thank you a lot in advance.
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