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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! So I am kind of just getting into this hobby, and I found beautiful ~1912 gem from auction. It's Omega's pocketwatch, and from what I found on internet, I think it's 19 cal. movement. Did not really know how to tell because it has only serial number (4100990) and 4 digit number (0990) on the underside of the train of wheels bridge (third picture). Anyway, there are some small tweaks to fix, like the ratchet wheel has worn so much, that if has holes in it (first picture). Those spare parts are somewhat easy to get, BUT that dial has worn really not too beautifully, ink has started to spread, and it just wipes away with cottonstick. I have seen some kind of dials on eBay that might fit on this watch, but I am feeling that I want to keep this one, because it is so unique in color, and pattern in the middle. I was not able to find same dial anywhere and that is good and bad thing . Now getting to the main point. Any of you paint dials, or know someone who does? As I am just starting this hobby, so that means I am also kinda on budget, so I cannot lean on any one too professional
  2. I decided to build my own ETA 2824 automatic watch recently. I spent time picking out all the parts I wanted, received them and put them all together with minimal trouble. After sizing the stem and fitting it to the crown I cannot get the stem to go back. After struggling for a minute or two I noticed that even when the stem was removed the movement continued to tick. I did make sure that the watch was in a time setting position before removing the stem. But now I’m one step from completing my watch build and have no idea what to do to fix it. This is the only watch experience I have yet had so I really hope it’s not a difficult fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Greetings, hope everyone is well and staying safe. My name is Ed and probably like others, I came across watch servicing videos on YouTube and got immediately hooked. When I was very little, I used to take apart everything to see how it worked, but I never knew how to put things back. Fast forward to adulthood and I began learning electronics repair, electrical work, computer repair and older vintage technology repair. I found it fascinating and still do. I’ve always been into gaming, whether consoles or actual arcade and pinball machines. I fulfilled one of my dreams in 2015 and purchased my first pinball machine, Funhouse. Then in June 2020 I took upon my biggest project and challenge, a complete restoration for that Funhouse, from cabinet wood work, decals, to cleaning every mechanical part, screw, riveting, polishing, rebuilding the playfield, etc. It took me until the end of December 2020 but I completed it successfully. Anyway, that’s just a little background. I’ve always enjoyed and been fascinated with clocks, the cuckoo being especially my favorite. Watchmaking seems right up my alley as doing intricate and precision detailed work seems to ground me and relieve stress as weird as that sounds as others get frustrated and more stressed with that type of work but my OCD appreciates doing this type of work. I had my first child back in 2020 and anything I can find to do in the little spare time I have, greatly reduces the stress of everyday life. So here I am and I am looking forward to starting my journey. So far I’ve gathered a list of tools, oils and grease to purchase, will attach to this message. I know I’m probably making the first mistake with spending this kind of money, but I’ve learned many times from my own past experiences that if you’re gonna do something and are committed, do it right and the proper quality tool is worth the investment. I think I got the basics covered with my first two orders (two different sites). I’m still going to be on the lookout for a mainspring winder\installer tool kit and a washing machine. Other than eBay, not sure the best place to find these tools, perhaps a forum where others sell their tools, but if anyone has a recommendation, I’d be grateful? In the meantime and until I can find a mainspring winder set, any help on how to determine what size for new mainsprings to buy and where to purchase them would greatly be appreciated. In the same retrospect, if anyone can recommend a good crystal press as well as the best way to measure or determine the proper crystal size and where to purchase, I would be thankful. Don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE tools, but hoping as I gain experience, I can better decide if the upgraded tools will help. It seems like the consensus is to start with pocket watches, so I have been keeping an eye on those on eBay, mainly not working ones that are older, but if anyone has any specific suggestions, I’m all ears. My eventual goal is to be able to service my Dad’s old Timex auto mechanical watch, but I’ve seen a lot of people say that these are very difficult to service and weren’t really made to be serviced, so it will be a while before I attempt this. I’ll probably get a few books from Amazon, “Watch Repair for Beginners”, “Watch Repairing as a Hobby”, etc. I’ve also seen a lot of great reviews for Mark Lovick’s online courses, so considering that too. I currently have an Ultrasonic machine I got for cleaning my pinball parts, and plan on just using Naphtha and ISO alcohol to clean until I can find a watch cleaning machine and then get the common cleaner and rinsing agent solutions. Lastly, I also plan on getting the common timegrapher that I see everyone use. Well I think I’ve rambled on long enough and thanks to everyone ahead of time for any additional help, tips, guidance and feedback you can provide. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and please continue to stay safe out there. Esslinger.com - Shopping Cart Updated for Ofrei Order.pdf Ofrei Shopping Cart.pdf
  4. Hi there! I’m new here, and I’m introducing to you. I’m 20 and I want to be a watchmaker/repair. I’m a beginner, I’m watching some videos (a lot after all) and I want to learn. But the problem is: I live in France and in my region, I can’t find people who’s accepting me to learn the job with them, even for a week. Only few professionals answer me and told me to introduce my self to repair. But I’m lost. I don’t know what to buy or even what to do by myself to get introduce to watches. During my researches I find this website, and I find an opportunity to move forward with my project. So I’m asking, can you make me a simple tutorial to introduce me to your world. I’ve experience with computers and small repair tools. Sorry for my English, I’m trying my best. Best Regards, Swees
  5. Just getting started with watch repair and am already hooked. I set aside a table in my house to keep my supplies in and use. Hopefully, I will learn some stuff here.
  6. Hello all, my name is Erik. I am new to the forum and have just recently become interested in watches. I have been apprenticing under my elderly uncle to learn clock making for the past few years. I have learned but not mastered enough skills that I can usually make a clock work again. My wife and kids are not amused by the number of clocks running in my house (13 in view as I sit writing this). I have a Seiko 5 I bought new as a gift for myself in 1992 when I was 19. It has been treated poorly, but still ran flawlessly sitting idle for years, then shake and wear for a night. I now have a new interest in watches and started wearing my Seiko daily to find it runs inconsistently. I opened it and adjusted it and couldn't get it right. I bumped the balance adjustment, scratched the case and realized I know nothing about watches! As I began researching I found myself wanting more watches and wanting to learn how to fix them. I'm hoping to transition some of my clock tools and knowledge to watches. I am hoping to start collecting some specific tools so I can at least do cleaning and basic repair. I look forward to someday having something to contribute to the watch community.
  7. I am just wondering what kind of watch would be good for me starting out as a complete beginner and not knowing very much about watches. I having been looking on eBay but not knowing what I'm looking for. Help would be much appreciated
  8. ok so ive recently become obsessed with watches. I have obtained a broken invicta pro diver, and this has led to much research on how to fix it... I'm starving for more knowledge... where and how do you suggest I go about finding this knowledge. I have noticed there isn't as much info on the internet as I had hoped... I plan to get a work bench and do this as a hobby and possibly one day as a means of extra income... I guess u could say im just looking for advice and places books etc that can help me
  9. I'm a beginner when it comes to watches, but I'm just about ready to try to service my first watch. I've been gathering tools and just got a Little Giant C. E. Marshall cleaning machine. Can you all recommend resources for watch parts and supplies in the US? Specifically watch parts. I was also wondering about jewel settings. Do you remove all jewel setting when cleaning a watch with setting? How do you keep them organized so they don't get mixed up while cleaning? Maybe there are some threads that already have this info...if so, I missed them. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hello All I have started my watch repair learning! I have read a few online guides on how to repair watches. I have also acquired most of the necessary tools for watch repair. I have started out by cleaning two watches. The first watch I attempted to clean was a Bulova 10AK movement watch. This watch did not run before I cleaned it, nor after! Before I even took apart the watch, the balance wheel was wiggly. I could easily rock it from side to side. This is what I think was causing the problem. I cleaned it and put it back together but it still didn't work. Could someone explain why the balance wiggles like it does and how to fix it? This also happened on the second watch I got: a Hamilton 982 movement watch. This watch ran before I took it apart, but after cleaning it, its balance wheel has the same problem! I really do not know what to right now, so any help would be appreciated! A few more questions: - How do professionals make their movements so clean that they sparkle after cleaning them? I used an ultrasonic cleaner for my second watch, but the results were good, but now perfect. - Both watch cases aren't in very good shape. Where could I send watch cases to be restored? - Where should I send a dial to be cleaned? - Should I have professionals repaint the hands or should I do it myself? - What kind of crystals would you recommend for each watch? - What gasket should I get that goes in between the case and crystal on the Bulova? Any help with any of the above questions will be very helpful to my learning experience. Thanks!
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